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  • Social Marketing Expert
  • A highly trained social media guru with ten years’ experience in running successful online marketing campaigns.
  • Keeping customers engaged, Promoting brand loyalty and increasing traffic are my areas of expertise.

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

I became a social media enthusiast many years back. Before completing my postgraduate education, I had started working as a social media influencer. I later learned the importance of social marketing and all necessary social media skills. I’ve immense wealth in connecting companies with the right following.

As a social marketing pro, I attract followers and influencing their decision making. For the past ten years, I have learned how to effectively use social media to sell products. Driving social media has been my passion.


I love integrating social marketing techniques to attract customers, promote and sell products. Starting themed social media competitions and creating viral promotional posts is what I do at Wondershare since early 2017. For years now, Instagram and Facebook are my leading platforms of engaging online customers.


I was born before the introduction of social marketing discipline in 1980s in Toronto. I later pursued a course in Digital Marketing at University. I spent my weekends having fun at major social events in the city. Mingling with fans is a continuation of my daily job routine. It keeps me moving.