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Top 6 Minecraft Oriental House Ideas

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Nov 29, 2022• Proven solutions

Are you a big fan of Oriental House styles like Japanese houses? Do you want to build your own Japanese house Minecraft? Minecraft is a fabulous place to use your creativity and imagination to create amazing things, houses, buildings, palaces, and more. Minecraft doesn't restrict you to anything particular. It also provides you unlimited access to resources that can be used to build something worthwhile. But to create something, it is necessary to have a clear idea about what you are going to build. In this article, we will list down the best 6 Japanese house Minecraft ideas that you can use to build marvelous houses. These Japanese houses Minecraft ideas are easy to implement and will not require any kind of expertise. 

1. Ultimate Japanese House


This Japanese house Minecraft idea is a famous Japanese house. This house requires a lot of time and effort to be build. This traditional Japanese house can be build by following all the steps shown in the tutorial. Every step is described in detail to help newbies build this fantastic house without any problem or inconvenience. Keep in mind that this house idea will require a lot of your attention and patience. Because of its huge size, it might take more time than ordinary and usual houses. 


2. Japanese Ramen Shop


The Japanese Ramen shop is one of the famous spots for Noodle lovers. If you are the one who loves Noodles, then you must give it a try. This is a simple but spectacular Japanese house Minecraft idea. This Ramen shop will not require any kind of expertise in Minecraft and can be built in no time. The video will show you how to create a house like this by following a simple step-by-step tutorial. After building this house, you will get an idea about creating a Japanese house, and you can use this knowledge for creating other amazing houses.


3. Japanese Compound


Do you want to build something extraordinary and unusual? This Japanese Compound idea can help build something unique and different. This is a huge Japanese house Minecraft idea that will allow you to create your own compound. The tutorial will help you learn every step in detail, so there will be no issue if you don't know everything about Minecraft and you are a newbie. This huge Japanese Compound might take more time than ordinary and simple houses because of its huge size and complex structure.


4. Japanese Oriental House


If you have ever watched movies related to Japanese culture and tradition, you must have seen such houses in those movies. These houses are symbols of Japanese tradition. Thanks to Minecraft, now you can create your own Oriental house using this Japanese house Minecraft idea. Create a Japanese house the way you want. This tutorial will provide you with detailed and step by step instructions on how to build a Japanese Oriental House. You either build the same house or get the idea and apply it to build other Japanese oriental houses.


5. Japanese Pagoda


Have you ever seen a Japanese Pagoda in your life? If not in reality then you must have seen it in movies and TV shows. Pagoda is a sacred building in Japanese tradition. You can build this amazing Japanese tower in Minecraft. There is no need to be an expert in Minecraft to build such a tower. Just follow each and every step of the tutorial in order to build this amazing building. This tutorial will also help you learn several new patterns and techniques to create other amazing places. 


6. Japanese Peasant's House


If you don't want to get into so much hard work but still want to build an astonishing house, this Japanese house Minecraft idea is ideal for you. This peasant's house can be created without a lot of effort and time consumption. It is both easy to build and a spectacular Japanese house. It is perfect for those who want a fabulous house in a limited time frame. The tutorial shows you how you can build this peasant's house step by step.


All the above Japanese house Minecraft ideas are the perfect start to your journey on Minecraft. Each house idea has a tutorial that will help you understand each step of building these houses. All the house ideas will help you learn so many new techniques and methods of building homes that can be used to create other wondrous stuff.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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