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Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

What does it mean by Minecraft seeds? What are the best Minecraft Seeds? How to use Minecraft seeds? If you are having questions like these, you are at the right place.

Have you ever wondered why you spawn at a particular place, surrounded by specific landscapes? Well, all the Minecraft players spawn at different places, with different landscapes and scenarios. Minecraft chooses a location randomly for each player. But just like all other things in Minecraft, you can also control the location where you want to spawn. Here you can use Minecraft Seeds to do that. 

Minecraft seeds are the codes that Minecraft uses to choose a world around the player. It includes everything from landscapes, landmarks, dungeons, and much more. You can customize the world around you the way you want. But for that, you choose the best Minecraft Seeds that best suit your needs and requirements. And it seems impossible without a proper guide. So, to help you find the best world, we going to list down the 10 best Minecraft Seeds that you can use to generate a world around you according to your preferences.


Random Worlds vs Customized Worlds

There are two types of players in Minecraft, one who just jumps into the game in a random world without any preference. On the other hand, some players want to enter into a world that they know about. Minecraft generates worlds for each player randomly without providing preferences to them. But while using seeds, one can define the world they want to enter into according to their preferences and conditions. With the help of seeds, you can always determine the world you want to enter in and have your preferred world and environment around you.


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How to create your own world with the best Minecraft Seeds

Creating a world in Minecraft is one of the easiest things you can achieve. It doesn't require any kind of skill or technique to create your own world in Minecraft. You have to put the Minecraft seed into the world generator and get started with your own custom world.

  1. After opening Minecraft on your PC, click on the "Create New World" button.


  1. In this window, you can find a button named "More World Options", click on it.


  1. Here you can enter the seed you want and create your own world around you. 


  1. After entering the seed, click on "Create New World" to create a new world for you. 

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10 Best Minecraft Seeds

Choosing the best Minecraft seed is not an easy task. It depends upon your gameplay and the things you prefer to do while playing the game. But there are some of the best Minecraft seeds that are the favorite of all players. You can choose any of these seeds depending on your preference and requirements.

1. Minecraft Seed Island

Platform: Windows, Mac

Seed Code: -573947210


If you love exploring the world of Minecraft and look for treasure hidden in different places, then this is one of the best Minecraft Seed you can choose. It allows you to explore several other islands and find hidden treasures and loot. There number of amazing items to search and look for on these islands. These items include Gold Nuggets, Iron Swords, Enchanted Tunics, Gold Ingots, and much more. Apart from the islands, two shipwrecks contain a lot of loot and hidden treasure. You can also find the buried treasure maps on those ships and look for the treasure in their locations. 

2. A Song of Ice and Spire

Platform: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition

Seed Code: 2223210


This seed is one of the best Minecraft seeds that contain a lot of adventure and thrill. It is one of the challenging worlds of Minecraft that lets you spawn at the edge of the forest. This world contains frozen rivers in it and the ice spikes will come out from the ground. You will find some of the unique creatures such as bears and rabbits that are rarely found in the worlds of Minecraft. These creatures are harmless and will not cause any trouble to you. Collect different materials in this resourceful world and start building your empire in the chill and cold environment.

3. Village Cut in Half by Ravine

Platform: Windows, Mac

Seed Code: 2467475923055248755


This seed lets you spawn in a location that is very crucial and contains important biomes near it. From this location, several different biomes are very near to you. These biomes include forests, oceans, and plains. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds that provides you with a world full of huge ravines, where you can find and extract gold and other treasures. It is a unique and different type of world with troubles and difficulties, which makes it a challenging and thrilling adventure to explore. This extensive split in the world will cause huge inconvenience in your way of exploring and building your places.

4. Temple of Doom

Platform: Windows, Mac

Seed Code: 2029492581


This seed lets you spawn in a location, from where you can either head towards a desert or jungle biomes, the decision is yours. At your spawn location, there is a temple that is known as a temple of doom. You have to explore this world completely for the items and materials that you will need to build and sustain in this world. The only this that might cause difficulty is pillagers. Pillager may take the cover of this area, so you have to protect yourself from such creatures. The first and foremost thing to do in this world is to arm yourself with all the required weapons and materials in order to experience an everlasting adventure and thrill. You can always find other materials and items in places like rivers, mountains, and oceans. So explore the world and equip yourself with all the necessary materials.

5. Ultimate Farm Spawn

Platform: Windows, Mac

Seed Code: 1594305760


If you are an animal lover then this is a must-try Minecraft seed for you. This seed takes you to a world of the farm which is full of animals such as sheep, horses, pigs, ducks, and more. To build your own farm, you will need materials like coal and stone that you can easily find and collect from a nearby savanna biome. Once you start the furnace, you are ready to gather the animals around you and tame them to structure and build your own farm. You are free to build the farm the way you want and fulfill all your dreams of having your own enormous farm.

6. Woodland Mansion

Platform: Version 1.1.4

Seed Code: throwlow


If you have ever tried to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft, you can easily understand how difficult it is to find it. But with this seed, there is no need to look for a woodland mansion anymore. This seed will let you spawn near a woodland mansion. You will spawn only 100 bocks away from a woodland mansion. You can start building your own house, find and collect material and items, and prepare the raid on the woodland mansion. 

7. Frozen Island

Platform: Version 1.1.4

Seed Code: -7865816549737130316


If you are tired of playing Minecraft in a world full of plants and grass, then you must try this best Minecraft seed that lets you experience a totally different environment around you. It allows you to spawn on an island that is full of ice, glacial spike, and igloos. This island contains an adorable creature of Minecraft, the Polar Bear. This icy land is everywhere on this island, but you can always head towards the landmass nearby to harvest the essentials and head back to the icy land. You can also mine this ice land and find the important and necessary minerals and materials right away.

8. Mountain Cliff

Platform: Version 1.9

Seed Code: -969535336


If you love astounding and memorable landscapes in Minecraft, then look no further. This mountain cliff seed will take you into a world full of amazing and huge mountain cliffs and astonishing waterfalls. These mountains contain a herd of sheep at their peak. You will not find any extra treasures of gold in this world of mountain cliffs. But these amazing landscapes are worthy of your time and treasure. We recommend your creative mode for this world because it would be a perfect choice to have a tower house on these mountain cliffs.

9. Winter Forest

Platform: Version 1.9

Seed Code: -3500229128833691836


This is one of the best Minecraft seeds that spawn you in the middle of a wintery forest where you can find two igloos near you. These igloos incorporate a secret basement within. Be cautious while entering these basements, because these basements contain workshops with zombie villagers. Once you successfully get rid of these creatures, you will get access to a huge and free-to-use basement with an extensive amount of storage facility. Ideal for living in an icy biome.

10. Horses Village Seed

Platform: Version 1.9

Seed Code: 8678942899319966093


Are you ready to spawn in a village filled with magnificent horses? This village is full of mysterious chests containing many different and unique materials such as diamond armors for horses, saddles, gold ingots, and obsidians. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for those who are looking forward to collecting all the treasures of Minecraft in a single place. This seed lets you start your journey of Minecraft with a perfect and ideal location.


Entering into a random world can be very frustrating and time-consuming. With the above best Minecraft seeds, you can get straight into the world of your choice and preference without wasting your time and effort looking for your preferred locations. With these seeds, jump into your preferred worlds and enjoy the environment that you like. If you want to record Minecraft games and share the video in YouTube or other platform, I would recommned you to try Filmora, an easy but powerful video recorder and editor will definitely help you out.

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