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How to Make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions


Minecraft is one of the widely played and favorite games throughout the world. There are plenty of reasons that make this game the most loved game. One of those reasons is enchantments. Using the enchanting table in Minecraft, players can empower themselves with amazing powers, magic, and abilities. Enchanting table Minecraft allows you to craft useful and powerful enchantments that can help you have a competitive advantage over other players. Since this game is all about survival, except the creativity mode, the players have to equip themselves with the most powerful weapons they can. Otherwise, they can be defeated by other players in no time. The enchantments are very powerful and useful in order to increase the chances of your survival. That's why it is important to know about enchantment and enchanting table Minecraft. 

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What is Enchanting Table in Minecraft?

Enchanting table Minecraft is one of the amazing tools that all players can use to craft several amazing abilities and powers. Players can enchant a huge number of items such as weapons, armor, books, and tools. An enchanting table is a tool that helps the players to modify and empower their weapons, craft objects, and more. Suppose you have achieved everything that you can in Minecraft but still feel like increasing your ability and the ability of your weapons and making it more powerful. In that case, an enchanting table can help you achieve this goal. 


How to make an Enchanting Table Minecraft?

To build an enchanting table you will need several items. These items include two diamonds, four obsidian, and a book. After making sure that you have all of these items, open your crafting menu. Now place three obsidian in the bottom row and one obsidian in the center. Now put both of the diamonds on both sides of the middle row. As for as the book is concerned, place it one the top row at the center. After completing this, an enchanting table will appear on the right. Drag and drop it in the inventory and you are good to go.



How to use Enchanting Table Minecraft

After successfully crafting the enchanting table Minecraft, you can use craft multiple amazing things and empower yourself with amazing powers and magical features. Once the enchanting table is placed, go to it and interact. It will open a new interface. Under this interface, you can drop lapis lazuli and the item you want to enchant on the left. After doing that, on the right, you can see the randomly created enchantment. Hover over the glyphs to know more about it.



Best Minecraft Enchantments

There are so many enchantments that you can craft using an enchanting table Minecraft. But some of the enchantments are most useful and help you have a competitive advantage over other players and mobs. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Mending


This is one of the unique and best enchantments in Minecraft. Unlike all other enchantments, it doesn't help you have a power attack to take your enemies down. But it helps you restore your weapon to hit more, which will ultimately help you get the job of taking the enemies down. Each time you kill an enemy or a mob, the mending enchantment will use the experience of XP to repair your bow. This amazing enchantment will save your time and effort of going back to your base and making another weapon using up resources. 

  1. Unbreaking


This is another enchantment that you can craft using enchanting table Minecraft and have unbreakable weapons. This enchantment lets you make your weapon last longer than usual. If you apply this enchantment to your bow, it can be used to throw more than 6000 arrows before it gets damaged or broken. It doesn't require XP like Mending enchantment. It will keep working without any kind of materials.

  1. Curse of Vanishing


As its name suggests, it is a curse that can make your weapons vanish when you are dead. It can either be beneficial for you or a curse, depending upon the situation. If other players are killing you, this enchantment will help you prevent other players from collecting your weapons. But in case you die near your base and want to retrieve your weapons, you will be unable to get them again. Choose this enchantment keeping both of these things in mind.

  1. Infinity


This is another enchantment that can be crafted using enchanting table Minecraft. It allows you to use a specific type of weapon for an infinite period, without any fear of getting that weapon becomes damaged. If you apply it to the bow, this enchantment will make you throw an endless number of arrows with the help of your bow, without any fear of being out of arrows. This enchantment will help you save your time and effort in crafting the weapon again and again.

Several other enchantments can help you empower your weapons to have a competitive advantage over other players. There are other enchantments like Aqua Infinity, Blast Protection, Channeling, Curse of Binding, Efficiency, and much more amazing and useful enchantment that you can craft using enchanting table Minecraft.



The enchanting table Minecraft is an amazing tool that allows you to use the maximum power and capacity of all the weapons and other tools you acquire in Minecraft. Having enchantment on your weapons can increase the chances of your survival and winning battle. Try all the different enchantments according to your need and situation you are in. Each enchantment can either become an asset or a liability, depending upon the situation you are in. So, use them wisely.

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