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Top 5 Best Minecraft House Designs in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Minecraft has so many things to do and several amazing activities to perform while you are playing the game. One of the best parts of this game is building your own house. There are so many Minecraft house designs. You can build a house using your own imagination without any limitations. You can build a small hut as well as a huge mansion, an underground base, or a treehouse, build whatever you want and wherever you want. But for all these houses, you must have some Minecraft house design ideas to start. Without any idea, you can't proceed with building a house. In this article, we are going to list down the 5 best Minecraft house designs that you can use to build your house.

1. Underground House Design

In Minecraft, most of the players go for the houses on the ground, but if you want to build something unique and different, this Underground House is a perfect design to implement. This underground house is a proper house with multiple entrances and stairs leading to the basement. To get started with this Minecraft house design, you have to dig a huge hole in the ground. Then construct everything such as walls, stairs, and everything that you want to include in your house. Placing a glass over the house is a perfect choice if you planning to have plants in your house. It will provide them with plenty of sunlight to sustain and grow. The best thing about Minecraft is that it doesn't allow your house to be affected by mold and dampness. So, you don't have to worry about these problems. The tutorial contains every step on how you can build an underground house and what you will need to have a comprehensive and proper house design.

2. Wooden House Design

Wood is one of the widely used materials in Minecraft because it is easy to find and collect. Which allows you to make a wooden house as big as you can imagine and think of. Since the wood can be found in abundance, there is no need to worry about its shortage. You are free to use your imagination to build a wooden house. This Wooden Minecraft house design is easy to implement and doesn't require any kind of skills or expertise. If you are a beginner in building a house in Minecraft then this is a perfect start for you to learn various techniques and skills about house building. One of the best things about this house design is that you can easily extend the area of this house in the future if you ever want to add more rooms to it. This tutorial contains a full guide on how you can build a wooden house step by step to help you better understand the entire process. This house comes with a porch on its front side, which beautifies the design of this house and makes it look more attractive.

3. Suburban House Design

If you want to build something that feels real and similar to a real-life house, then this Minecraft house design is a perfect design for you. It contains everything one can think of as a suburban house such as a two-story, a garage, and a porch. Apart from all these features, it looks so beautiful and appealing to the eye. It is made of concrete, quartz, and stones. Which makes it look amazing and maintains its harmony. This tutorial contains everything that you will need to know, in order to build such a house. Follow all the steps of the tutorial to learn how you can build houses like this. The material that is used in this house makes it eye-catching and one of the unique houses in the world of Minecraft. Don't miss this amazing house design while deciding to build your house in Minecraft.

4. Treehouse Design

If you want to try something new and big then this is one of the best Minecraft houses designs that you can proceed with. We have discussed the house design to have a house on the ground, and underground, now let's talk about building a house on the tree. You must have to build a treehouse in your childhood, it was quite fun, right! Building a Treehouse in Minecraft can also provide you with the same thrill and fun again. There are several benefits of having a treehouse as well. It saves you the creepers that come out in the night to help you protect yourself and repair your Minecraft shield. Another big advantage of having a treehouse is the ability to witness a wonderful view of the world of Minecraft. It lets you see the horizon of Minecraft and everything that it contains. The tutorial will help you build a treehouse from scratch. So, if you don't know anything about house building, there is no need to worry about it. You can build this house on an already available tree or create a new tree.

5. Modern House Design

If all the above designs have not grabbed your attention, this modern Minecraft house design can definitely do that. There are so many modern house designs to choose from when deciding to build a house in Minecraft. But this house design is one of the coolest and most astounding designs of all. It consists of glass windows that let you see inside the house and everything that is outside from the inside of the house. Building such a house will obviously require more time and effort but the final results are worth both time and effort. This video contains everything you need to know about this Minecraft house design and how you can build a house like that. This video is not limited to the house only, it lets you have a look around the garden and the road outside the house to make it look more stunning and modern.


These Minecraft house designs are the best house designs you can find to build your house. We have tried to include all types of house designs to help you choose the most suitable design according to your needs, requirements, and material you have. Each house design contains a video to let you understand the entire process of constructing the house step by step. So, choose a house design and start building your dream house in Minecraft.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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