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How to Get Bees in Minecraft and Everything About Bees in 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions


Bees are one of the most adorable creatures, whether it is the real world or the world of Minecraft. But keep in mind that if you mess with them in both of these worlds, you will definitely find them very dangerous. Bees are very beneficial for so many reasons in Minecraft. In this article, we are how to discuss how to find bees in Minecraft, their location, how to get them, and how to breed and expand them for your own benefit. 


How to find bees in Minecraft

If you are looking for ways of how to get bees in Minecraft, then there are several different places where you can find bees in Minecraft. They are usually found near their nests in flower forests, sunflower plains biomes, and plains. They are more likely to be found on the trees that are dense. So, the flower forest is a perfect place to look for bees. because of its dense trees, there are more chances of finding bees. Bees spawn naturally and can hold honey up to 5 levels. It is used as a tool of communication among bees in Minecraft. The difference between bee nests and bee hives is that the bee nest is generated naturally, on the other hand, the beehives are crafted. Bee nests and beehives contain a maximum of three bees at a time and leave one by one to collect pollen. If you find a bee buzzing around you, follow it to find its nest. 


How to tame bees in Minecraft


Before taming the bees in Minecraft, keep in mind how the bees can behave when you approach them. The bees can be as calm as a flower or as dangerous as a lion, depending upon your behavior around them. If you try to kill or harm a bee or the beehive, all the nearby bees will attack you and their first sting can kill you. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while trying to tame a bee is to keep calm. The flowers can be used to lure the bees. Once they are successful lures, you can use a leash to hold them and bring them home.


How to Breed Bees in Minecraft

With flowers, you can attract the bees. Right-click to give the flower to them. once you can see the hearts coming out of the bees, it means they will pair up to breed and produce a new bee baby. It takes 5 minutes to cool down the process of breeding. Pick up more flowers while you wait for these 5 minutes. The bee babies take 20 minutes to be matured but you can speed up this process with the help of flowers. When the baby bee consumes a flower the process of growth increases by 10%. So, pick and collect as many flowers as you can.


How to harvest honey in Minecraft


After knowing how to get bees in Minecraft, you must learn how to harvest the honey they produce. The honey can be harvested using glass on a hive or nest, it will provide you a glass full of honey. You can use this honey to either craft the sugar or to build your own beehive in Minecraft. While using shears on bee nests can produce a honeycomb when the nest is full of honey. There is only one way to whether the bee nest is full or not. You can never know that the nest is half empty or how much honey it does require. You can only get to know when the nest is full. When it is filled with honey, the honey will overflow the nest. This is the indication of the nest being filled with honey. 


How to Make Beehives in Minecraft


Now you know how to get bees in Minecraft, now you might need to know how to make your own beehives in Minecraft. You can easily make your own Beehives using Wood Planks and Honeycomb. Open crafting table and place three wood planks on the top and bottom row. Now place three honeycombs in the middle row. Honeycombs can be collected from the bee nests. It will produce the Beehive. 



If you looking for ways of How to find bees in Minecraft, this is everything you need to know about bees. Bees have been included recently in the game. Bees are not in the game only to wander around but they can be proved very useful. With the help of bees, you can craft honey, make beehives, collect honeycombs, and pollinate your farm in Minecraft. So, explore the possibilities and different things that you can achieve using bees and bee nests in Minecraft.

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