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How to Make a Map in Minecraft

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions


The world of Minecraft is vast and it contains a wide range of different places and spots. Wandering in the world of Minecraft without a proper direction and tool to help you navigate is liking looking for a needle in the grass. To have a proper understanding of the world of Minecraft, it is important to have a guide with you. In this case, a map is proved to be the best guide for you. You might have never heard that you can make a map in Minecraft by following few simple steps. In this article, we are going to show you how to make a map in Minecraft. It is a very simple process and will require a few easy to be found objects. The map that you will make, can help in several different ways. It can help you track your way, mark your destination, see where you are now, and mark your favorite places in Minecraft.

There are multiple ways of having a map in Minecraft. The map in Minecraft can be made using the crafting table, buy it from a trader, and find it in the treasure chests. You can choose any one of the methods according to your convenience and ease.


How to Make a Map in Minecraft Using Crafting Table

Making a map in Minecraft using Crafting Table is one of the most common and easier ways of all. To craft the map, you will need eight papers and one compass. But to have both of these items, one will need several other items, that can be found by mining or digging around the world. First of all, to get the papers, you must collect the pieces of sugar cane. Three pieces of sugar cane can provide you with three papers, which means you will need 9 pieces of sugar cane. You can easily collect the sugar cane from the land. Once you have successfully collected the required pieces of sugar cane. Open the crafting table and place 3 pieces of sugar cane in a row, it will generate 3 papers. Repeat this process 3 times.


Another important element for the map is the compass. To craft a compass, you will need one Redstone dust and four iron ingots. The Redstone dust can easily be found while mining, they are usually found near lava. But as far as the iron ingots are concerned, you can smelt iron ore with a furnace to get them. Iron ore can also be found while mining, just like Redstone dust. Once you have all these objects, open the crafting table, place the Redstone dust in the center, and place the iron ingots on four sides adjacent to the Center Block. It will provide you with the required compass. 


Now we have both a compass and 8 pieces of paper. Open crafting table again and place compass in the center of the table and fill all other 8 spaces with papers and you have your map ready to be used.



How to Find a Map in Minecraft Using Treasure Chests


Crafting the map requires hard work and effort, on the other hand, finding a map in treasure chests solely depends upon your luck. For any reason, if you are unable to craft the map yourself, you can try to find it in several places with the help of treasure chests. If you are looking for a map of sunken shipwrecks, there are 8% chances of getting a map. While in the Stronghold's Library, there are 11% chances of finding a map. But if you want to look somewhere else with more chances, then look in the Cartographer's Chests. These chests have a 50% chance of having a map in them. If case if you find a Cartographer, you can also buy a map from them in exchange for 8 emeralds. 


How to Use a Map in Minecraft

Now you have a look at the whole world of Minecraft using this map. Simple equip and start using the map without any problem. In the beginning, the map might look empty. But as you start moving with the map in your hands, all your surroundings will start to appear on the map. You can use this map to locate yourself with the tiny white mark. The map can't show you all the world of Minecraft at a time, as you move towards a specific direction, it will start to show the surroundings. But you can also zoom out the map using 8 more papers with this map in the crafting table. 


How to Mark a Location on the Map in Minecraft


To make the most of the map, you can add custom markers to your map to help you mark and easily locate any particular place or spot. But to do that, you have to first craft a banner. You can craft it by placing 6 pieces of wool on the two top rows and a stick at the middle of the bottom row. Make sure to place the wool in the same color. Once the banner is ready to be used, go to the location you want to mark. Place down the banner and open the map and use the banner on it. It will show you a dot of the color that you used to create the banner on the map. Now you can easily navigate to this location without any hindrance or difficulty.


Knowing how to make a map in Minecraft is extremely important because of the huge size of the world. Without a map in this world, it is difficult for the players to track themselves and the places they want to visit and keep a record of. Having a map can be very beneficial in all aspects. Choose a method, either make a map or find it with the help of chests, and start exploring the world in a more detailed and helpful way.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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