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Crafting Serenity: A Spiritual Journey Through 6 Intellectually Designed Minecraft Modern Houses

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Minecraft is incomplete without a house to protect oneself from all kinds of damages to survive. Building a house itself is a fun and thrilling process. It allows you to use your creativity and imagination. But if you are new to thing world of blocks, it might be difficult for you to build something remarkable. But there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we are going to list down the top 6 Minecraft modern house ideas. These ideas will help you learn house to build a house from the beginning. Each step is explained in detail for your convenience and assistance. Minecraft modern house ideas will let you build houses of the modern age, not the old wooden houses. These houses will look astonishing and mesmerizing from the outside as well as inside. With each house idea, a tutorial will help you build such a house for yourself. For best results, try to follow each step the way it is explained in the tutorial.

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1. Simplistic Modern House


Minecraft is one of the best platforms that allows its players to use their creativity and bring their imagination into action. But it is difficult to find a unique and beautiful house idea at the same time. This Simplistic Modern House is a perfect start for beginners to start their journey in Minecraft. This is an easy-to-build but elegant Minecraft modern house idea. This house is made of concrete and wood bricks. It has two stories with two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and balcony. It contains a small garden and a swimming pool outside the house that increase its beauty. The tutorial will help you learn each step of building this Simplistic Modern House. Try to follow all the steps accurately to have the same results.


2. Glass Modern House


There are various Minecraft modern house ideas that require hard work and patience to build fabulous and eye-catchy houses. This Glass Modern House is one of those houses. This house idea will allow you to build an astounding house that will help you in survival mode with a spectacular and unique appearance that will stand out. This house is based on glass material and has two stories. It contains two astonishing balconies and two small swimming pools. The tutorial contains all the details about implementing this amazing Minecraft modern house idea.

3. Contemporary House


Are you looking forward to building a house that looks real and contemporary? If yes, then this Minecraft modern house idea is for you. This amazing-looking house is made up of concrete bricks. It contains two stories, two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. It has a huge space that can be used for several activities. With an eye-catchy structure, this house provides you with a unique and different identity. Outside the house, there is a swimming pool that enhances the beauty of this house.

4. Large Modern House


This Minecraft modern house idea has a sleek design and a phenomenal look. This house contains two stories, a swimming pool on the roof, and a garden located outside the house. It is an easy-to-build house with the simple use of materials. The tutorial contains every piece of information that you might need to build this house. If you are a beginner and don't know anything about building a house in Minecraft, this tutorial will teach you everything about building a house. You can use this information to build other amazing houses as well.

5. Compact Modern House


Are you new to Minecraft? Do you want to learn house to build modern houses in Minecraft? This Minecraft modern house idea is one of the easiest and simplest Minecraft houses you can build without having so much knowledge of building houses in Minecraft. This idea provides you with the ability to build a compact design house. The tutorial will help you with each step of building this Compact Modern House. Every detail is included in this tutorial for your help and convenience. Follow all the steps to end up having a similar house.

6. Three-Story Modern House


This three-story Minecraft modern house idea is an elegant house idea that features a unique porch and balconies. In addition, it contains a swimming pool that enhances its beauty and provides it a unique and different look. The amazingly designed house can build easily by following each step described in the tutorial. After building this house, you will build other phenomenal houses using the techniques you will learn in this tutorial.


Minecraft modern house ideas let you build something new and unique instead of those old wooden houses. These houses let your stand out from the crowd and have an eye-catchy house design. These house ideas are specially selected for all kinds of players, from beginners to pro players. The tutorials contain every step that will help the player understand the entire process without any inconvenience.

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