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Top 6 Cool Minecraft House Ideas in 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Playing Minecraft is always a fun and enjoyable activity. But if you don't have a house in Minecraft, this fun might be disturbed by the mobs. Having a cool house in Minecraft is very important. It not only helps you save your life and survive but it also makes you stand out from the crowd. Apart from these benefits, building a house itself is a fun activity. It provides a sense of achievement, it allows you to use your imagination and creativity and turn all your ideas into practice. But for beginners, it might be a difficult task to build a house by themselves. To help all those who don't know how to build houses and those looking for some cool Minecraft house idea, in this article, we will list down the Top 6 Cool Minecraft House Ideas. All these ideas will help you build your own house. Each idea comes with a tutorial to help you better understand the entire process of building a house. We selected and chose these cool Minecraft house ideas based on their difficulty level and the material used in them so that everyone can build these houses with zero skills and limited materials.

1. Small Medieval house


Medieval houses are famous and widely build houses in Minecraft and they are considered to be the cool Minecraft house ideas. There are two types of medieval houses, large castles build of stones & hidden layers, and simple rustic village dwellings. This Small Medieval House is a combination of both. It provides you a feel of the Castle by keeping it simple and rustic. This house is made up of stonework. This is a simple and easy-to-build house that can be built with limited material. The tutorial will help you go through the entire process step by step to help you better understand this process.


2. Underground Base


It is a new trend in Minecraft to build an underground basement that has an entrance through stairs. Building this underground base can be convenient for those who have limited material to use in building an on-ground house. It is a simple-to-build house that requires less effort and time. First, you have to hollow the area where you want to build this underground base. Then, build the stairs and cover the space with glass. You can also add plants and flowers around your base to make it look outstanding. The tutorial will help you with each and every step of building this base. Follow each step the way it is described for preferred and required results. The best thing about this underground house is it doesn't allow mold to grow on the walls of your house, unlike a real-life basement, thanks to Minecraft developers. This is one of the cool Minecraft house ideas for beginners.


3. Treehouse


This is a cool Minecraft house idea that is suitable if you have ample material to use because it requires more material than both of the above house ideas. It is a perfect house idea that will help you escape the creepers that become visible out at night. Apart from that, it also provides a wide and distant view of the local area. This house can be built on already available trees or you can also create a brand new tree first. This treehouse might seem difficult to build but the tutorial will help you go through the entire process.


4. Cozy Compact House


This Cozy Compact House is a cool Minecraft house idea for those who want a simple but fabulous-looking house. This is a wooden house that can build by following simple steps. It doesn't require a lot of work and effort. The tutorial shows each step in detail to help you understand the entire process of building this house. If you are a beginner then this house is a great start for you.


5. Suburban House


If you are looking for something practical and familiar to build, this suburban house is a cool Minecraft house idea for you to implement. It has all features of a suburban house from its exterior to its interior, and from its look to its shape. This is a two-story house that contains a garage, and a porch. This house is made up of concrete and stones. The tutorial describes each step in every detail to help you understand the entire process conveniently. 


6. Beach House


Are you bored of building the same and traditional houses? Then try this Beach House. It is different and unique from all other house ideas on this list. This modern-looking house seems to be a complex house idea but it can be built with simple steps and materials. This hut-like house contains a swimming pool beside it, which increases its beauty. The tutorial contains the entire process of building this house step by step to help you understand the process better and more conveniently. If you are looking for a cool Minecraft house idea, then this is what you should go for.


In order to build something, it is important to have an outline of it in your mind. Without having a proper outline and idea, you can't build anything worthwhile. All the above cool Minecraft house ideas will provide you with the best house ideas that will not only help you in building similar houses but also help you learn so many new patterns and techniques that will help you in the future to build something stunning.


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