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7 Best Minecraft Naruto Servers

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 21, 21, updated May 20, 24

To make the game more enjoyable for everyone, Minecraft Naruto servers have to work together as a community to increase its scope. Anime fans who adore Minecraft Naruto servers will be able to live out their fantasies as ninjas in Minecraft. There are now Naruto-themed Minecraft servers to play on.

Minecraft Naruto servers allow you to play as a ninja, learn further about jutsus, manage your chakra, and engage in combat with other ninjas much as in manga and anime. Here are the instructions for joining and playing on the Minecraft Naruto server.

What's the finest Minecraft Naruto server out there??

There are many Minecraft Naruto servers that are ready for you to join in the fun. Minecraft servers based on the show Naruto are called Naruto servers. You may see the same ninja motif or locales and infrastructures similar to what you see in Konoha, in this game.

Which of the many Minecraft Naruto server is best? It's up to you, of course, to find the best Minecraft Naruto server as you play. The following Naruto Minecraft servers are well worth a look. There is an IP address associated with each of these servers. Also, keep an eye out for any open spots; servers have a limited number of resources.

1.Naruto Shinobi Striker


Striker, the Shinobi Play as a shinobi, guarding your town from the Akatsuki menace, or as an outlaw ninja, completing risky missions to collect the larger rewards, or as a rogue in, hunting down and killing shinobi from the bingo books! There are five wonderful towns to explore and several legendary Naruto places, including the Final Valley, the Forest of Death, Ryuchi Cave, the Otsutsuki Moon, the Akatsuki Hideout, and the Bloodprisons. Players run the Akatsuki drug cartel, so join a group with your buddies and take on the five great countries! The IP of this server is


  • Completing risky missions to collect the larger rewards
  • Hunting down and killing shinobi from the bingo books
  • Five wonderful towns to explore

2.Fairy Tail Legends of Ishgar


Fantastical Fairy Tail-themed universe!

Everything you could want in a real-life Fairy Tail Server!

Fiore, the kingdom of wizards, has 80+ demands, and you may join one of the 10 guilds and train and enjoy all the world offers. You can locate and acquire all kinds of Magics across the globe. Server IP:

Training in Magic is essential to become a great wizard with all 14 class spells!


  • Enchant people and objects, producing Berserkers and summoning Meteors, to get the power to Enchant.
  • Your foes' defenses and defenses may be weakened by using sound.
  • Using the qualities of shadows, you may strike the adversary from their own shadow and transform into one yourself to do so.

3.Naruto Shinobi Legends


A specialized Naruto server that works flawlessly to provide you with a fantastic experience that you won't find anywhere else, from the one-of-a-kind jutsu to the breathtaking map to the thrilling role-play adventure! We want to make this the most entertaining and unique Naruto server available, and we hope you will come along for the adventure with us!
IP of this server is


  • You will be blown away by this incredible bespoke resource set.
  • Character Levels and Ranks
  • A very remarkable map
  • Exciting tasks that you may complete to acquire jutsu and other rewards.
  • Excellent RP

4.Naruto Shinobi Reborn


Enter the Naruto Universe and go on the ultimate journey of discovery. Travel through the realm of the Shinobi and see every place featured in the Naruto anime series. More than 20 modifications, a revolutionary live rank-up test system, possibilities to become a Kage or to join the Akatsuki, and a plethora of other ranks are all available. Villages with more than 70 missions, as well as a faction world, provide unlimited possibilities! Join today and establish a name for yourself in the Ninja world.

Server IP:


  • The ultimate journey of discovery
  • See every place featured in the Naruto anime series
  • Possibilities to become a Kage or to join the Akatsuki, and a plethora of other ranks



MageBlox is a magic-themed server modpack that features numerous new dimensions as well as hundreds of new things for players to explore. We offer a carefully chosen collection of mods, as well as a warm and inviting community to welcome you. Give MageBlox a chance to prove itself! Expand your horizons beyond the confines of vanilla Minecraft & immerse yourself in a new adventure.

IP of this server is


  • Magic-themed server modpack
  • Numerous new dimensions as well as hundreds of new things for players to explore
  • Warm and inviting the community to welcome you

6.Naruto Jutsu World


If you seek a Naruto-themed Minecraft server that is also full of quests, the Naruto Jutsu World may be the server for you. Learn jutsus, gain strength, and complete tasks to elevate your ninja status to the top of the leader board.

IP of this server is


  • Full of quests
  • Gain strength, and complete tasks to elevate your ninja status

7.Blazing Ninja


In the event that you like the Naruto anime, the Minecraft server Blazing Ninja will provide you with an excellent gaming experience. Take pleasure in playing with friends and completing objectives to advance your skills as a strong ninja on our server.

IP of this server is


  • Provide you with an excellent gaming experience
  • Playing with friends and completing objectives to advance your skills


Minecraft Naruto Servers are possibly one of the greatest examples of the Minecraft community's inventiveness and passion. It's exactly like modifications, texture packs, shaders, & unique structures: it highlights the inventiveness and programming talents of the author (or creators) in question.

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