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Guidance on setting up a green screen studio

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

A green screen helps you replace the background of a video with a digital or virtual background. A green screen helps you blend different visual elements in one video. The main purpose of the green screen is to layer two pictures or video streams together based on the color hues. 

It is used in post-production by many streamers, vloggers, and movie directors. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when using a green screen and setting up a studio for it. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

1. Setting up a backdrop

First of all, you will need to set up a green screen backdrop. There are several options to do that. The cheapest and easiest way to do it is choosing a muslin cloth that is the brighter shade of green. But cheap comes with a lot of problems that can become hellish in post-production.

You can also paint your wall with Chroma green or blue found on different online shops which can fill a whole room with paint. Then there is a portable option that can be torn down and set up as easily as a coat hanger. The latter option would be preferred if there is a lot of movement in your studio as painting the wall will limit your shots.

There are a few things you should remember when choosing a backdrop:

    The surface should be smooth and even, if it is not, it will cause a lot of problems in post-production.

    The colors used are blue and green but green is more suitable as an actor with blue eyes will have his eyes keyed in a blue background. Also, green is much less likely to be worn by actors as compared to blue.

    Never make the actors wear the same clothes as the color of the background or it will make your subject transparent.

setting green screen backdrop

2. Picking up a suitable Camera

The next step is to pick up a suitable camera for the job. When choosing a camera make sure it shoots in HD at a minimum of 720p. The camera should be able to handle 24 fps or above. 

One thing to make sure that your camera should save files in a format that is easy for your green screen to import. You can also use a smartphone for it but make sure that the camera is up to par to handle all the tasks of a green screen studio.

3. Set up the lighting

Lighting is the most integral part of a green screen studio. If you are shooting outside, the natural light may make it easier for you to shoot, but for indoors proper lighting is extremely important.

When lighting up a green screen, make sure the screen is smooth, flat, and evenly lit. Avoid shadows at all costs. Shadows can become your biggest enemy when it comes to post-production of videos shot on a green screen.

While setting up the lights for the actor, the first light to set up is a backlight or hair light. It is the light that lights the actor from behind on his hair and shoulders. This light is used to separate your actor from the background. One thing to make sure of is to diffuse this light a bit or it would appear like a white halo around your actor.

The next light to set up is the key light that shines on your actor's face and it should also be diffused. The diffusion should be done enough to give your actor a smooth and even look. The light used after that is called the fill light which comes from the side of your actor. These two lights help show contrast on the fact of your actor.

lighting up the green screen

4. Positioning your actors and other subjects

Some things you need to remember about positioning when it comes to shooting with a green screen are:

    Make sure your actors don’t leave the green background. If that happens, there is no way to correct that in post-production.

    The actors should be distant enough from the green screen as to not put shadows on it. The ideal distance is 7-10 feet. Make sure the distance is not too much that the subject and the background start to look unnatural.

5. Using the right software

Once you have set up your studio, the last and most important part that remains is choosing the right software that has Chroma key features. The commonly used software that works for green screen footages is Wondershare FilmoraX, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and Final Cut Pro. These are premium programs and will cost you money but the final product is always worth it. 

If you are a filmmaker with a limited budget then there are free options like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Wax, and iMovie for Mac.



Green screens have become an important part of the lives of all the people who work with video editing. It is used for Vlogging, Film making, video streaming, and much more. For the people who have constant editing needs, it is suitable to set up one’s green screen studio and now it has become easier than ever. 

During this set-up, all you need to take care of is that you have a suitable green background. There are a lot of options available for that in the market from paints to portable backdrops. Make sure you have the correct lighting and last but not least, you should have suitable software to go with it to make your perfect video with the use of a green screen. 

Wondershare FilmoraX will be able to help you with all the editing tasks you need to get done. It is fast, easy, and reliable when it comes to Chroma keying your videos and has everything that a video editor needs.

Learn More: Tips for using Green Screen>>>

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