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Top 10 Roblox Roleplay Games You Can Find

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Using Roblox, players can create and play games that other players create. There are hundreds of titles available on this platform that players from all over the world enjoy. Roblox has different types of games that are labeled under different categories. There is a misconception among people that Roblox is only for kids. There are many titles that are equally suitable for kids. Especially if you take a look at Roblox roleplay games, you will find plenty of games that adults can also enjoy.


RPGs are popular among gamers because they allow them to escape from reality. They might be sent to an unknown land, given an assignment to accomplish, or even given an opportunity to live out their lives in a present alternate,reality. A roleplaying game is a powerful entertainment tool, providing opportunities for players to take on multiple roles to lead interesting lives. You will find many different roleplay games on Roblox that it may get difficult to choose which game you should play. So, we have made things a bit easier for you and prepared a list of the top 10 Roblox games in 2021.

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1. Hospital Roleplay


A number of versions of this game have been released since the game was launched in 2016. Kaiser Permanente Robloxia hospital is available for exploration by players either as a patient or hospital staff. The doors on the left of the entrance are the best place to grab the items you need for the role you wish to play. It allows players to create realistic medical situations such as childbirth, broken arms, and Ebola outbreaks in a hospital.


  • Players can play both as a patient and staff.
  • Players can create real-life scenarios.
  • You can perform a variety of actions.
  • The game has excellent graphics that let you experience life inside a hospital.


2. Kingdom Life II


It is Roblox's most medieval game in the roleplaying category. In addition to humans, players can also play as elves, fairies, dragons, etc. There are two different modes available for this game. Players can choose to play in the roleplaying mood, or they can select PvP mode.  In the PvP game mode, players battle each other. You win the game if you eliminate other players. In contrast, roleplaying is a different experience. This way, players are able to have two different experiences at the same time.


  • Two different modes are available to choose from.
  • The roleplaying mode allows players to play as different characters.
  • Players can also battle and challenge other players on the PvP mode.
  • The game has some exciting graphics that makes it fun to play.


3. Robloxaville


With this roleplaying game, players can lead an ordinary suburban life. To play the game, you should engage in various activities and take on a variety of jobs. You can earn money by getting donations from other players who purchase fruits and fish. After the players have earned some money, they can then use it to buy a house, a car and play the game. This game replicates many scenarios from real-life that's why it has made it to the list of top 10 Roblox RPGs.


  • This game allows you to enjoy suburban life.
  • There are plenty of activities that you can perform like doing jobs and earning money.
  • You can purchase property, cars, food, and many other items in the game.
  • The game replicates many real-life scenarios.

4. Welcome to Bloxburg


If you are a fan of SIMS, then you are going to enjoy this game a lot. It is an open-world adventure game where players can explore a fictional city and do many things. Players can now build their own houses, but they need to gather enough money for this purpose. There are 12 different types of jobs available in the game where players can work and earn money. Overall this game gives you the best real-world experience, and you have plenty of freedom to do different activities. This is the reason why this game made it to the top ten list.


  • You can explore the city freely and go anywhere because it is an open-world game.
  • Players can do jobs and earn money just like in real life.
  • Players can build houses and buy properties.
  • You can customize a lot of things in-game.

5. Medieval Roleplay


This title will appeal to fans of medieval fantasy games. Peasants and kings are among the classes that players can choose. It's intended to provide an insight into medieval life. A key feature of the game is the ability to harness magical powers by using amulets. There is also a great selection of other items available in this title that will enhance the gaming experience.


  • Best for those that love to play medieval games.
  • Players can harness different magical powers in-game.
  • There are plenty of upgrades available inside the game that can enhance your gaming experience.

6. Nomrial Legends


As far as Roblox experiences go, this game is quite sophisticated. You will have access to mythical weapons, monsters, and even a variety of maps. You will enjoy hours of fantasy-based fun in this game. The game is just as realistic as Skyrim or Dragon Age, just on a smaller scale. A new version of this game is currently being reworked because millions of players love it. There are so many things to look forward to with this RPG. Developers are continually working on it to make it better than before.


  • Realistic graphics
  • Plenty of in-game choices to make.
  • Best for players that love fantasy games.

7. Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition [BETA]


You might be thinking that if the game is still in the beta phase, how can it make it to the list of top 10. Despite being in the beta phase, this game offers the best experience to Roblox RPG lovers. For 35 Robux, you can live like a feral cat in a clan of other cats. There are up to 50 cats in a single server in Warrior Cats. The game is fun to play with your clanmates as you explore the landscape and try to stay alive.


  • You can experience how it is like to be a cat.
  • You can play together with your clanmates.
  • As a cat, you need to everything for the survival of yourself and your clan.


8. Backpacking


If you love to play open-world roleplay games, the Roblox has a lot to offer. Backpacking is also an open-world game where you can do whatever you want and explore the areas freely as you wish. It is a game that lets you set up your camps and have a real-life camping experience. Even cooking, swimming, and kayaking are possible while on a backpacking adventure. So, if you are stuck inside your home and cannot go outside, you can still have an outdoor adventure by playing this game.


  • Experience a real-life backpacking trip by playing the game.
  • Plenty of real-life activities to do inside game like setting up the tent, cooking food, swimming, and much more.
  • Excellent graphics that makes it fun to play.

9. Horse World


Horses are majestic creatures, and there is a reason why this game is included in the list of top 10 Roblox RPGs.  The game is free to play and takes place in a horse-ruled world, which seems strange initially, but is cool. It's the perfect place to embrace your inner horse-girl. Players can choose to embark on the adventure as their own Roblox character, or they can ride a horse of their choice. There are fantasy elements in the game, including the possibility to help your fellow horses instead of letting humanity take over by domesticating the horses one by one.


  • Best suitable for horse lovers.
  • You can play as both human or a horse.
  • You can collaborate with fellow horses and do plenty of tasks.
  • You can experience how it is like to be a horse.

10. Swordburst 2


This game lets players explore an expansive world and defeat enemies while collecting items for progression. Every turn brings new areas, but you need to beat the boss before it to unlock them. Players are equipped with a sword they can use to take down an assortment of enemies. It is definitely a game that looks better with a group of friends to play with, like Torchlight or Diablo.


  • Best roleplaying gaming experience.
  • It is possible to play collectively with your friends.
  • The levels are pretty challenging, and the boss fights make it even more enjoyable.



So, these are some of the best Roblox Roleplaying Games in 2021. There are hundreds of games that you can play, but those mentioned above are the games that we have selected after careful analysis and thinking. Every game is unique and has something different to offer. Give them a try, and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun playing these games.You can also record the roblox games and share your experiences with Filmora screen recorder.

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