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Top 10 Roblox VR Games You Can Find in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Virtual Reality provides the user with a whole new experience in a three-dimensional environment. When it comes to Roblox, VR can enhance the experience of Roblox games and give them a really wonderful touch. Since it is a new advancement in Roblox, there are only a few Roblox VR games that support these platforms. You can't play all Roblox games in Virtual Reality, only games that are designed for this particular purpose can be played using devices such as goggles. It can be a difficult task to find the best Roblox VR games available for such devices. In this list, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Roblox VR Games that you can play in 2024. We have found these Roblox VR Games after thorough research to bring up the best games available.


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  1. Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay: From Scratch

Do you like fighting your way out in a world full of Zombies? If yes, you will definitely enjoy the experience of VR in Zombie Apocalypse. This game allows you to choose from a wide range of weapons and gear to fight and kill zombies before they kill you in a world full of zombies. It becomes more thrilling and pleasant when you have your friends by your side while fighting these blood-thirsty creatures. You can revive your friends if they got a bit by the zombies. With the passage of time, as you progress, new stages and areas unlock for you to be explored and cleared from zombies. Each new stage provides you with new and advanced weapons to kill zombies and defend yourself against them.



  • Wide range of Weapons to choose from
  • Form a team with your friends and family for more fun
  • Unlock new stages and elements
  • Different places to explore and hide
  1. Cleaning Simulator

Being a Janitor of the Bribbleco building, it is your task to maintain and keep its environment clean from all kinds of things. It is your task to clean the entire area from becoming clumsy and messy. Choose your character from several different characters, that best fits your personality. Complete your assigned tasks to reach new levels and unlock new objectives. Every task becomes easier and more fun when you have your friends with you. Form your team with your friends to get everything done more quickly and conveniently.



  • Be in charge of a small city
  • Choose from a wide variety of characters
  • Unlock new levels and objectives
  • Play with your friends for more thrill and fun


  1. VR Escape Room

You have to hurry up if you want to escape all the rooms and don't want to stick in any of them! VR Escape Room provides you with an experience of unlocking and escaping the rooms by solving the challenging puzzles as fast as you can because you are time-bound. It provides you with a thrilling experience when playing around with your friends. You have limited time and a lot of rooms to escape, be fast otherwise you will get stuck into one of the rooms for your eternity.


  • Find your way out from the mysterious rooms
  • Solve challenging Puzzle to unlock doors
  • Make your way out within a limited time frame


  1. Edgeworks

Edgeworks is a complete pack of fun and excitement. It allows you to perform all sorts of activities in one single game. From climbing to freerunning to parkouring, this game contains so many obstacles to pass and so many objectives to achieve. Edgeworks utilizes numerous mechanics to make this game a perfect game for all types of players. With its gunplay mechanics, this game allows the plays to use weapons to kills the opponents and defend themselves. So, this game will be using all your abilities and skills in a single place. Get ready for an enjoyable and laborious experience at the same time.



  • Do whatever you want in a single game
  • Pass the obstacles by freerunning and parkouring
  • Use several types of weapons to kill your opponents
  • Use all your skills and abilities to reach the next levels


  1. Koala Cafe

Be a part of a large restaurant-based game. Where your task is to serve your customers with what they want to be served for satisfactory and happy feedback. With the ability to be joined by 50 players at a time, everyone is real and has a role to play in this game. Your friends can join you in the game either as customers or employees. Koala Cafe enables you to chat with other players, make friends and interact like a real world. You can be the best employee or the worst employee that your customers have ever seen, it is totally up to you and your ability to handle the orders.



  • Run and manage your Restaurant
  • Satisfy your customer’s needs
  • Play with your friends for more fun
  • Communicate with other players and make friends
  • Choose your role from being a customer or an employee


  1. Paranormal VR

If you want to experience the scariest paranormal activities in the world of Virtual Reality, then this game is a perfect fit for you. Paranormal VR allows its players to encounter the scariest sounds and activities while walking around in their homes. This game comes with a disclaimer to cause motion sickness if you are easily scared by horror games. Before starting to play this game, be ready for everything that you may encounter while walking alone in the dark rooms and corridors of your home in virtual reality.



  • Experience Paranormal activities around you
  • Find the source of Scary Sounds
  • Walk-in a dark home full of unusual activities
  • Be ready for anything that might appear in front of you


  1. Ragdoll Sim

Do you love the experience of the ragdoll simulator? You can enjoy the same fun of physics and gravitational laws in a Roblox VR Game, Ragdoll Sim. This game allows you to be in control of the open world where every individual has a movement of ragdoll and there are plenty of obstacles and objects to play around with. You have virtual hands to through them everywhere in this huge map to unlock and discover new movements and activities that you perform with these ragdolls.



  • Be in control of a Ragdolls
  • Play with Physical laws
  • Experience an open world of obstacles
  • Control everything with your virtual hands.


  1. Laser Tag VR

If you loved to play laser tag with your friends in your childhood in laser tag arenas, then you will unquestionably love the VR version of this game. Now you can enjoy the Laser Tag without leaving your home. Laser Tag VR allows you to enter into the world of the darkroom decorated with neon lights with another player to play Laser Tag. The team who scores the most wins the games. You can make this experience more enjoyable by adding your friends and creating your own team.



  • Experience the fun of Laser Tag with your friends
  • Enter into a world of the darkroom with Neon lights
  • Knock other players and score
  • Form teams with your friends


  1. Road to Gramby's

Road to Gramby's is a game that makes you travel to Gramby's through so many different obstacles and troubles. Along the way, you might find so many different things that will hinder you from reaching your destination. You have to think thoroughly and use the engineering aspect of the game to create something that will help you cross the road to Gramby's. Use your imagination abilities to build something useful that will make you reach your desired target.



  • Travel and pass through several obstacles
  • Use your creativity to build something useful
  • Reach your destination without getting hurt

  1. Cook Burgers

Cook Burgers is what its name suggests. In this game, you are responsible for managing the restaurant which sells burgers. You are the one who cooks them and serves them to the customers. Make sure to satisfy the need of every customer to make them come again to your restaurant. You are not only responsible for cooking burgers but you also have to manage the inventory, order new inventory, place the inventory at the right place, and kill the rats that are wandering around your kitchen. It is a fun game that will burst you into laughter while you are preparing the order for your customers.



  • Manage your Restaurant
  • Cook Burgers for your customers
  • Order the inventory
  • Kill the rats that bother you
  • Keep your customers satisfied
  • Have fun while cooking


The above Roblox games can be the best source of entertainment and fun using Virtual Reality. Don't miss the opportunity to share your amazing experience of Roblox VR Games with your friends and social circle. Before uploading it to any social media platform, do you want to add or remove something from your gameplay? Do you want to make your gameplay more lively and enjoyable? We got you covered! Filmora provides you a number of features to enhance your Roblox gameplays by adding various effects, transitions, elements, and playing around with the video timeline. Let your viewers enjoy the gameplay the way you have enjoyed playing it using Filmora.

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