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Top 10 Free Online Animated Logo Makers Everyone Should Know

Want to create a niche for your brand and products using animated logos? No worries as you can learn all about logo animation and their top tools with us.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 06, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
Top 10 Free Online Animated Logo Makers Everyone Should Know

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Numerous effects to choose from

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And as we all know objects in motion are much more attractive than static visuals, logo animation is the latest trend that is gaining popularity at a fast pace.

logo animation

If you too want to create some interesting 3D logo motion and other types of animated logos but are confused about how to start, we are here to help you.

 Part 1 What Are Animated Logos and Their Benefits

A logo can be termed as the first face of your brand or a business which gives it a visual identity. A logo works as the foundation of the brand that helps in its growth as well as reputation. The trend has shifted from basic static logos to animated ones which include interesting motion graphics. These logos are catchy and capable of getting the instant attention of the people.

Animated Logos

There are several benefits associated with using logo animation and some of the key ones are enlisted below.

● Create brand awareness A well-designed animated logo can create brand awareness by grabbing the interest of the potential clients and also creating a strong connection with them.

● Goes well with the brand story Animated logos gives you the freedom to use images, sounds, and motion graphics to have a connect with the audience. Thus, using animations logos that match your brand story can be created efficiently.

● Add professionalism and create a modern look Moving ahead with the times is the best thing with its business or promotion. So, a good animated logo will not only add a professional touch to your brand or a business but will also give a modern touch.

 Part 2 Top 10 Online Tools for Creating Animated Logos

If you are low on budget or do not want to risk initially with the paid animated logos, free online tools work best. These programs work from your browser, need no software download, and are simple to use. Some of these tools can also be used to create logo to 3D animation. To cut down on your research work, we have shortlisted some of the widely used online animated logo makers as below.

 01 Renderforest

When it comes to branding and animations online, this is the top-rated tool in its category. The tool allows creating impressive animated logos in just a few minutes. Pre-set styles are available that can be used according to the brand type.

Key Features:

Allows creating animated logos using the AI of the tool.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Comes with pre-set styles and readymade templates to choose from like minimal, abstract, organic, and more.

Fonts and icons can be customized.

High-definition export.


 02 Viddyoze

This is another popular cloud-based tool that helps create interesting animated logos in a few simple clicks. The created animations can be further customized by making changes in the color scheme and other parameters.

Key Features:

Simple to use online tool for creating 3D animations.

Offers live-action animation.

Characters and logos can be mixed and combined in a video.

Comes with multiple templates and movie filters.


 03 Adobe Spark

Adobe needs no introduction when it comes to editing and animations. Adobe Spark is a feature-packed online tool that helps you perform multiple functions including animated logo creation. Several templates in different categories are available to match your brand or business.

Key Features:

Cloud-based tool for creating creative animated logos.

Designs and templates are available in multiple categories.

Customizable icons, colors, texts, fonts, and others.

Support a wide range of additional features.

Adobe Spark

 04 Design Free Logo

This is a free online 3D animated logo maker that comes with several pre-designed samples and templates for creating a perfect animated logo for your company. Simple to use, the tool is apt even for beginners in designing.

Key Features:

This is 3D animation logo online free tool.

Comes with a wide range of templates in an array of categories like the abstract, alphabet, floral, food, 3D, and more.

Logos can be created based on the industry type.

Simple and user-friendly interface.

Design Free Logo

 05 PixTeller

Using this browser-based tool, motion to your logo elements can be added to create an impressive animated logo. A wide range of logo shapes, templates, and designs are available and option for customization is also there.

Key Features:

Create animated logos frame by frame for better editing and customization.

Comes with more than 100,000 shapes for the logos and over 130 fonts for creating a logo of your choice.

Multiple customizable templates and designs in different categories are available.

Support multiple filters like shadow, warp, blur, spacing, height, pixelate, and more.

Created animated logos can be downloaded in MP4 or GIF format.


 06 Offeo

This online animation tool is apt for creating hi-tech animated logos and the simple interface makes it perfect even for beginners. The tool is known for the perfect blend of creativity and handcraft.

Key Features:

Create animated logos for websites as well as other platforms easily and quickly.

Multiple library functions and customizable options are available.

Allows adjusting the speed of the animation.

Comes with multiple templates and graphics to choose from.

Option to choose the ready-made elements or add the local ones.


 07 Animaker

This free online tool just requires free sign-up after which it is all set to help you create rich animated logos. You can choose from the wide range of supported built-in templates as well as characters to match your requirements.

Key Features:

This free SaaS video animation online tool helps create impressive animated logos, cartoons, and others.

Comes with multiple templates, designs, characters, icons, charts, maps, and bags to choose from.

Icons, colors, and other parameters can be customized using this 3D animation logo online free tool.

Allows viewing the logo in different styles using the board style.

Comes with sound effects and an option for voice recording and text to speech.

Easy drag and drop interface make functioning quick.

Software is supported in 50 languages worldwide.

Created animations can be uploaded to social media sites.


 08 Quince Media

For creating different types of animated media including animated logos this is a decent tool to use. Being an online program, it works from your browser and is free to use. Images in PNG and vector format can be added to the tool for creating the choice of animation.

Key Features:

Create animated logos and other animated media using this simple and quick online tool.

Comes with multiple designs and templates.

3D animated logos can be created for social media, films, broadcasts, and other platforms.

Simple and fast to use.

Quince Media

 09 MotionDen

This is a simple and easy online tool that can help you create animated logos in a hassle-free manner. You can even create other animated projects like slideshows, intros, and others using the program.

Key Features:

A simple online tool with a user-friendly interface for creating logos.

Comes with multiple templates in different categories like serenity, dark smoke, fire red, and more.

Support to a wide range of devices including desktop, smartphone, and tablets.

Allows creating 3D logos.

Templates can be customized as per the requirements.


 10 Tube Arsenal

This online tool is mainly used for creating YouTube video intros but it supports other functions as well including animated logo creation. The 3D editor of the program will let you add animations as needed. The extensive collection of templates lets you choose the design that best matches your requirements.

Key Features:

Create animated logos using the 3D editor of the tool.

Comes with an array of templates to choose from.

Allows customizing color, text, images, and other parameters.

This 3D animation logo online free support unlimited quick previews.

Simple and user-friendly interface.

Tube Arsenal

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Logos are an integral part of brands and businesses that helps create brand awareness among potential clients.

Animated logos are the present-day trend where motion graphics are added to the logos. These logo animation are interesting and can reach a broader audience and leave more impact.

Several online tools for creating animated logos for free are available. Check out the features of these tools and choose the most suitable one.

Wondershare Filmoa works as the best online alternative that helps in creating rich animated logos with an option for customization.

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