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Top 10 Best Meme Templates

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Feb 23, 23

Memes could seem mysterious to someone who doesn't spend a lot of time on social media. After all, the majority of memes originate on social media before becoming popular. They are not just available on social media, however; they can also be found on informative websites and microblogging platforms. The funny, relevant, and suitable images, GIFs, and videos are gaining a lot of popularity among viewers. These are known as memes, and they have developed into a crucial component of internet communication.

Meme creation and sharing has grown popular in online chats and on social media platforms. A captioned meme is more likely to communicate sentiments and completely provoke a sense of amusement than the tiresome text. You could get interested in creating memes with your images after receiving and adding a lot of memes to your favorites. You have come to the correct site if you're seeking for meme templates. There is no need to glance around. To make creating memes simple, we've chosen the best 10 meme templates.

In this article
    1. Burning Paper
    2. They Can’t Read
    3. I Am Once Again Asking
    4. Draw 25
    5. I Pretend I Do Not See It
    6. Gossip Girl
    7. Return To Monke
    8. They Don’t Know
    9. How It Started
    10. Doge vs. Cheems
  1. How to Create Your Own Meme

Part 1. Top 10 Meme Template Ideas

Social media doesn't have to be just serious and instructive. You may also enjoy it a little bit! Adding comedy or relevant material is really a terrific strategy to engage your readers. The decade's biggest cultural phenomena are memes. Every human phenomenon has a meme equivalent, but certain forms have shown to be more effective and durable over time than others, both in terms of narrative flexibility and the opportunity for innovative remixes. We've picked the top 10 meme templates below.

1. Burning Paper

A year without a new SpongeBob meme is nothing. In this meme, SpongeBob may be seen reading a document with some mockery before burning it without looking back. This sample only demonstrates the lack of interest some individuals have in anything.

burning paper

2. They Can’t Read

What more effective approach to convey a point than via a meme? Using this template, you may express a strong or unpopular stance while simultaneously making snide remarks about others who disagree with you.

they cant read

3. I Am Once Again Asking

This priceless meme was lifted from one of Bernie Sanders' campaign materials. This example just demonstrates how desperate people would do anything, no matter how humiliating. And we apologize to Bernie personally for our shortcomings.

im once again asking

4. Draw 25

You know that feeling you get in the game of Uno when you just have one card and simply can't seem to obtain the card you need, so you keep drawing? This example only demonstrates the fact that certain choices aren't worthwhile at any price.

draw 25

5. I Pretend I Do Not See It

I Pretend I Do Not See It is another one on the list. There are times when we just do not want to see things, especially when they are complete and total disappointments, like the year 2020. We have elected to become blind because we are too exhausted, and I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that.

pretend dont see it

6. Gossip Girl

This Gossip Girl-inspired meme template combines some intriguing questions with the show's logo's writing to create a humorous whole. This meme style consistently entertains, regardless of whether the comedy is in the question or the answer.

gossip girl

7. Return To Monke

If we were all monkeys, this epidemic would not have occurred. Absolutely, I say. Because of this, I and a vast majority of people think that we need to abandon a million years of development and go back to being monks.

return to monke

8. They Don’t Know

When you're at a party and people don't realize how much superior you are to them, isn't that upsetting? Everyone believes that it's okay, and this meme is proof of that.

they dont know

9. How It Started

In a year when everything remained same at all times, we were certainly preoccupied with looking for signs of advancement. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it felt like things were just getting worse.

how it started

10. Doge vs. Cheems

We all know that the only individuals who have positive attitudes are those that exercise. For those individuals or canines, who don't, they may wish to begin soon.

doge vs cheems

Part 2. How to Create Your Own Meme

Do you want to create your first meme? Well, the free meme maker allows you to create that and much more. You may export your photographs in the format you choose after uploading your photos and adding text to them. You may make a meme and distribute it on a variety of social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos.

You are able to make your own high-quality memes. It permits the uploading of images, movies, and GIFs on a single platform. Just upload the image and make the necessary changes. You may also publish your work on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Let's create memes by following the detailed guidelines provided below.

Step1 Launch Filmora and Import the Meme Content

Open the Filmora video meme maker and choose "New project" to begin a new meme project. After choosing the proper aspect ratio in the project parameters, choose "Import" to upload your video. Using Filmora, you can also import your preferred movies and photos taken with mobile devices. Simply click Import, then proceed as follows:

Free Download
Free Download
launch filmora and import meme content
Step2 Spruce up the Meme Content Further

The timeline should then include the video file. Select the text style you want to use by clicking the "Title" tab. Enter the text, then change the font, color, and size of the caption. Playing well-known music in the background is an additional choice. You can do this by dragging and dropping the music file onto the timeline's audio track within the application.

spruce up the meme content further
Step3 Shape up the Meme

In the next step, you can use the Editor’s menu bar to add titles, texts, animations and much more to your meme if you want to. Additionally, you can use the drop-down menu to change the caption's size and position by dragging and dropping the caption box.

shape up the meme
Step4 Share or Save Your Video Meme

After designing your own meme, you should thus spread it across all platforms. You may download it in many formats and share it on all of your social media platforms. Therefore, when you capture a funny photo or video, think of a strange and funny description and share it across the board. Your video meme will now be immediately posted to Vimeo or YouTube after you click the "Export" button as shown below:


In summary, without some of the internet's funniest memes, there would be an unenjoyable blank of continual news alerts, dubious research, and self-aggrandizing social media postings. Their influence has permeated society, and they have achieved worldwide success. Owing to the prevalence of amusing memes, which won't be going out of vogue anytime soon. The funniest memes ever have been compiled here. Pick your favorite and complete the task using Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Feb 23, 23
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