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Vlogging Tips: How To Put On A Good Show

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Successful vloggers are dynamic performers who viewers are able to feel a connection with. You do not need a degree in acting to do well on YouTube, though. You just need to relax and show everyone how much you love your topic.

In order to keep viewers tuning in to your vlog you will need to know a lot about your topic and be passionate about it. One problem that new vloggers can have is that their enthusiasm for their topic does not come across in their videos. This is because they feel awkward talking to a camera.

Vlogging Tips: How To Put On A Good Show

It is easier to feel comfortable in front of the camera once you have been vlogging for a while and are more used to it. While you are practicing and building up a following there are things you can do improve your vlogging performance. Here are some tips on ‘acting’ in your YouTube videos and putting on  a good show.

1.Shake Your Groove Thing

good show

You will feel more comfortable if you take a few minutes to physically loosen up before you record your vlog. Spend some time on your feet moving around. Stretching, or even dancing a bit, can also help you loosen up. If you can shake out your nerves it will be easier to deliver an engaging performance. Listening to music can help.

2.Open Up

When you are talking to the camera you are actually talking to your viewers, and they are more likely to subscribe if you seem friendly and approachable. You should try to talk to the camera the way you talk to a close friend. Pay attention to how you talk while you are surrounded by friendly faces and compare that to how you talk while vlogging.

Do not think of your audience as an audience, think of them as a community. Make an effort to seem invested in your relationship with your viewers. If you care it will help them care.

3.To Script Or Not To Script?

For some vloggers it is easier to sound natural if they just turn on the camera and talk without writing any kind of script. Others need a script to feel comfortable. There is no right answer when it comes to scripting; it all depends on you.

Some vloggers like to have an outline of what they are going to say or a partial script to look at in case they lose their place. It you have a lot of technical information to communicate then it is usually a good idea to write it down so you can be sure you do not misspeak while you are recording.

If you choose to script your vlog then try to make it sound natural. Write in the voice you speak in. If you find you have a lot of trouble staying on script then maybe that is a sign that a more free-flowing vlog style is for you.

4.Use Your Outside Voice

Think of your favorite vloggers and ask yourself ‘do they talk like that in their daily lives?’. The answer is probably ‘no’. Most successful YouTubers speak in voices that are quite a bit louder than anybody you probably know in real life.

You do not need to scream at your camera while you vlog, but you should try to project your voice as if you are talking to a live audience. It can help to imagine there is a live audience and you are trying to be heard by people in the very back row. Raising your voice a bit lets people know you are excited about what you are saying. Even if you are smiling and feel excited that might not come off to your viewers if you are using if what you feel is your normal speaking voice. Most people’s usual voices come off as subdued on YouTube.

If you seem excited then your audience will be too.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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