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Top 8 VR Films

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

1. From Nothing:

This movie has been developed with an inspiration from iconic inception scene where a architect use to fold buildings like a miracle. The video and audio both are created with unique style and from nothing appears to be the most gorgeous and well themed film on VR world. Christopher Libertino in this movie has developed mysteries so beautifully and it serves like a masterpiece in terms of graphic design; From Nothing actually represents the ending scopes and that is why it is rated as one of the highly popular program by all Oculus users.

Those who wish to watch this movie can visit Oculus store or Vrideo (Update: Vrideo is overshadowed by other VR platforms) for fast download and it can be enjoyed with Oculus device or VR gear.

2. Surge:

The rising sound of streams of falling flashing stones appears like awesome sunrise on an artificial but incredibly beautiful landscape designed by Stacaato. Once you go through the amazing audio tracks of Surge then your mind starts streaming with the harmony of sound of those shifting blocks or cubes and the vibrations on floor can be clearly observed. Surge is designed with open world type music video where so many things are available to explore along with outstanding virtual landscape. The rhythms synthetic track leads to wonderful VR experience for all users and it has potential to create powerful appearance even without any story. This is all due to quality of sound system that makes everything mesmerizing in this VR creation.

This movie is available to download at Oculus store as well as at Kaleidoscope.

3. Colosse:

There is no doubt to say that traditional movies often bring viewers to observe main action over screen that contains few details about props with periphery. But this short film Colosse tells a story about spearfisher where major focus goes on a giant golem so ultimately VR allows you to watch anywhere without any prop specification needs. This open environment type film making style of VR allows viewers to enjoy everything even if they do not follow typical rules of script.

To watch this movie you can go to Oculus store or Kaleidoscope festival.

4. 11:57:

Scary movies leading to terrible deaths at each step are difficult to watch but with VR production techniques the effect becomes highly terrifying as users have no option to get away from horrible scenes. 11:57 is same type of lead that makes 360 degree something more than a nightmare and the darkness will never let you stay stable on chair. The challenges faced by team during creation of this movie were explained by Henrik Leichsenring, the co-director of movie but the ultimate movie brings real challenges to viewers.

11:57 is easily available at Google Play as well as Oculus store .

5. Walking new York:

This movie is filmed by JR, well known as TED award winning artist and the 360 degree camera has created amazing wonders in every scene. This is a kind of virtual journalism inspired movie where when the camera crew rides helicopter over New York City they presented awesome view of streets with amazing creativity. Even if you have never gone to New York in your life, this movie will help you feel like you are truly there.

If you are using iOS or android devices then it is possible to get this movie easily from Vrse app.

6. Millions March NYC:

Director Spike Jonze is well known for her Academy award winning movie; she has turned to VR world with a first person type narration used to present the taught times of life of black people. Only within 10 minutes, you will be able to feel that passion of protesters, their anger where the artful editing is done in documentary style. It tells the real story of pains and passion that otherwise history books as well as news reports can not present so tactfully.

Watch this movie with your VR gear or cardboard device that can work perfectly with android as well as iOS; it is available to download at Vrse app.

7. White Room: 02B3:

The amazing simplicity of White room: 02B3 has been converted to VR motion by 2012 so that it can work perfectly with VR apps that are accessed on smartphones. This film tells story about 6 people who got trapped inside a white room along with a gun. Here you will be able to run behind the most amazing action packed movements in a circular white room where the compelling performance of film actors will make your stunned at every next scene.

It is possible to download app by paying $2.99 and get this movie for Android and iOS devices.

8. Butts:

A lovely, simple cartoonist movie that made very first appearance on the grounds of VR films; It is something developed with amazing technical innovation that makes viewers feel the real power of VR world. It proves the wonderfulness of VR concept introduced by Hackett and Skillman where hilarious activities of aliens will make you stunned throughout the movie.

Prefer to download Butts via Oculus store or find it at Kaleidoscope VR film festival.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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