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Guide to Virtual
Reality in 2016

Welcome to Beginner's guide to VR, all you want to know from what it is and how it works, how it will change your life in the future.

What is Virtual Reality

VR 101: Everything you need to know about Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality and how does it work

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation, in which you interact with the scene and control the environment with electronic devices. In this article, we’re going to show you what is Virtual Reality and how it creates extremely immersive experience.

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Find out more about pros and cons of Virtual Reality, difference between VR, AR and MR.

Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality is best used in entertainment, education and more. Learn about VR applications and how VR will change our future.

Applications of Virtual Reality

At present virtual reality has been extremely useful in helping to train medical professionals, pilots, military personnel and of course in gaming and other forms of entertainment. At present you can step into virtual reality caves, but for most the cost of such a setup is beyond their reach. The future of virtual reality hopes to bring with it nanotechnology which will allow you to actually become one with your virtual world.

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There is growing interest in using virtual reality devices and software in the fields of education, industry, travel, film, etc. Learn more about how VR shapes these industries.

How to Create VR/360 Videos

Although 360° spherical content doesn’t mean VR, it would be the first immersive "VR" experience we have. Creating VR content needs complicated and professional technologies, but you can create an interesting 360° content from those tips below.

Waht is 360°/VR camera
What's 360° camera

360° cameras capture completely the entire sphere. In this article, we’re going to show you what is the 360° camera and its application in real life.

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Wanted to learn more about 360° cameras and how to choose one for yourself? Check those following complete tips.

Tips for shooting / stitching 360 videos

Now you have made the best choice for a 360° camera, it’s time to get started to make your own 360° videos.

VR headset

Now, we’ve already known what is VR, how it works and how to shoot VR video, in this part, we’ll teach you how to reduce VR sickness, and choose a right virtual reality headset and VR gadgets that suit you well to get deep immersion.

Best VR headsets 2016
Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets of 2016

VR is an experience that is immersive where the movement of your head is being tracked in a world of the three-dimensional. That’s why this is suited for games as well as in movies.There are two groups of VR Headsets: tethered and mobile. For mobile headsets, they use smartphones for their processing and display.

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Here are more VR headsets recommendations. You can always find one which suits you well.

VR sickness

VR sickness occurs when exposure to a virtual environment causes symptoms. Here we’ll introduce some ways to reduce sickness.

reduce VR sickness
How to reduce Virtual reality (VR) sickness

All we know about the reality of the real world around us is that it comes from the perception of our sensory organs and their co-relation with the sense-managing system of our brain to generate useful information. Thus if we present our sensory system with the kind of information that really isn’t there our brain would begin to explore it and comprehend it as reality to us.

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More information about how to prevent VR sickness and set up VR headset

VR headset Comparison

More detailed comparison of different VR headsets to make sure you find the right one.


VR Peripherals

Want to get more deep immersion in virtual reality world? VR gadgets will help you.

Top 10 Popular Virtual Reality Peripherals
Top 10 Popular Virtual Reality Peripherals

Well, after a very vast and longtime research in the field of virtual reality, this concept has finally taken a real shape and now being provided to experience in different ways.

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The State of VR

Virtual Reality has change the way we watch films and play games, it has its great impact on the gaming industry and as far as film making is concerned, so what’s the state of the VR? Let’s explore together.

State of the VR Industry in 2016

How significant is the year 2016 for VR industry? What’s the popular platforms and what is developing fast? Is The VR gaming development rising? What’s the situation of the VR game makers?

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VR videos

VR movies are witnessing immersive experience among users; it is providing entirely new meaning to filmmaking styles. The VR directors are using high quality simulation effects to improve motion in frames and the resultant videos appear to be highly interactive.

VR Games/Apps

In the changing world of technology, one of the most exciting inventions of the present time is the VR games and apps. This new technology has completely changed the way games or apps used to be played. Let’s find out the best VR games and apps

8 Popular oculus rift games you should try

Oculus Rift Games are very exciting and have more dramatic situations as compare to other games. These games are well known for their virtual realism and affordable prices.

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VR Players

As VR (360 degree) video is becoming much popular as the technology is being developed more. To watch the VR videos, the users are required to get the VR Video Players. What are the best VR players? Let’s check out.