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Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Virtual Reality is a technology that uses software for creating an artificial environment. It makes some artificial senses such as touching, hear and sight. The world of virtual reality merges the power of 3D graphics. Virtual reality technology is widely used for various purposes. Such as video games, engineering, entertainment, education, design, films, media, medicine and many more.Virtual reality makes various important changes in life of humans and their day to day activities. There are mainly three types of VR systems:Video Mapping VR, Immersive VR and Desktop VR.

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Pros and cons of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology based on idea of immersing into the reality artificially not naturally. Finally VR becomes a reality but there are some Pros and Cons of it. Some of the major pros and cons are listed below:

Pros and Cons of VR
Pros Cons
Better than reality High cost
Used in various fields Communication should not be replaced for group of people
User have awesome experiences Feeling of worthlessness
Gives detail views Users addict to the virtual world
Connects with people Technology is still experimental
Effective communication Training in VR environment is not real


  • Better than reality

Visuals seen in visual reality are far better than reality. Virtual reality technology is used in video games and user gets a feeling that he is in another world. In video games by VR game controller, transmission of vibrations and also other sensations has been done. The use of sound and graphics in video has been incorporated into VR. Moreover, it gives a good gaming experience to the user. Also, users can also get real experiences in gaming such as user fighting with zombies.

  • Used in various fields

Due to its extensive features, virtual reality has been used in different fields such as in military, education and health care. It adds the more dimensions in various fields. Virtual reality used in aviation and architecture for viewing the final product.

  • Users have awesome experiences

Users have tremendous experiences in using virtual reality. The VR technology makes users feel that they experience the real locations and hearing the real sounds and seeing the real things. Many people have the feeling to use more and more virtual reality technology. It is highly reckoned by the disabled people. Because using virtual reality they can explore the real world. Films which are produced for VR gives the permission to the audiences to view the whole surroundings in each and every scene. Thus, it creates interactive viewing experience for the audiences.

  • Gives detail views

Virtual reality gives a full and detailed view of a place. For example virtual reality make tourism sites more interesting and easy. It gives the detailed view of a place where you want to visit. So viewers can plan their trip by seeing the real locations of that place. Moreover, users can also see the important landmarks as well important places in which they are interested to go.

  • Connects with people

Virtual reality gives the chances to communicate with the people you don’t know in your real life. It helps in forming the new relationships in a more efficient manner as compare to the real life. Users came to know about different types of people and get connected with them.

  • Effective communication

One of the main pros of Virtual reality is effective communication. Users can communicate with each other and thus enjoy the conversation between them. It gives a new experience of communicating with the people.


  • High cost

One of the main cons of virtual game is that it's not possible for everyone to afford it. It is too costly and people who cannot afford these will be left out from using this technology.

  • Communication should not be replaced for group of people

Another con of virtual reality is that communication using this technology should not be replaced for group of people. Additionally, there would be susceptible to dishonesty.

  • Feeling of worthlessness

The users of virtual reality many times get a feeling of worthlessness. They feel that they are escaping from the real world and sometimes this feeling is proved to be very dangerous for them.

  • Users addict to the virtual world

The users get addicted to the virtual world and navigate the non virtual environment. This addiction can cause various health issues to them.

  • Technology is still experimental

Though the virtual reality technology is used in various fields but is still experimental. It is not being accepted or fully developed. The VR has many cons due to which it is not acceptable fully.

  • Training in VR environment is not real

Another con of virtual reality is that a person who has been trained in VR environment may do well in that environment, but he cannot perform well in the real world. Hence, it will not give the same results in real life situations as compare to Virtual Reality environment.

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