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Why Virtual Reality Lack of Content?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

At present VR content is available through a number of alternatives like VR movie, panoramic roaming, panoramic video, VR game etc. It is always advantageous that users can experience the virtual reality technology through a number of mediums but when it comes to the availability of content, users have to face disappointment most of the time especially with the limited gaming options. According to the German director Werner Herzog, we have a nice technology but we do not have any idea about how to fill that technology with content. While in one hand developers are a bit confused regarding the development of a VR game and on the other hand, users are frustrated with the quantity of content. But the scenario will soon change expected by the experts.

The cost of creating VR content is too high.

There is very little doubt regarding the acceptability and advancement of this technology but there are some bitter realities about this technology that users have to accept. The very first one is the cost. There is no denying that the cost of making a VR game or video is quite a few times higher than normal. So, the developers have to think of it in advance and if they are not a big company, it becomes difficult most of the time. What if the VR game or movie flops? It is quite possible and in such situations, managing the money becomes really very difficult. And there is time concern as well. And according to the market experts, the return on investment is very low. So, the developers who will be crating the VR games will be in fix whether that will make them profit or not.


The quality of VR headset is not stable

Well, now let’s focus on the quality of the VR headsets. Hundreds of companies are there offering these headsets. All are claiming theirs to be the best but what is the truth? Many of them are not even close to the standard that the viewers expect. The problem mostly persists with the small companies. There is no issue with the big brands like Oculus, HTC, and PSVR. But if you want to compromise with the price, you will end buy buying a piece of crap. And then comes the question of content. You are spending hundreds of dollars for a VR headset and just within a month you are out of content. So, what is the point of buying one then? This makes the buyers really very confused. And to be very frank with you, there is no particular solution to it yet.

So, what should be done? Whether the buyers should buy costly headsets or they should buy a cheap one since they are going to experience the lack of content soon? Well, giving the answer may be a bit tough right at this moment but the scenario will change soon. VR video, 360 degree photography, these are still very new and should be given some time to explore. The method of VR video is still exploring, the camera angles, shooting angles, lights, requirements; everything is very much new and there is no set standard yet. But with the constant advancement, visitors will soon experience a whole new set of contents that will change their video watching and gaming experience.


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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Benjamin Arango

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