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Virtual Reality Technology: Current State and Future Challenges

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Part 1: State of VR Technology

VR technology is New

Being a relatively new technology, VR technology is clearly just beginning to take off. There are companies manufacturing their own VR headsets, but they are still not as big as other products that are meant to entertain. Aside from the limited options, one more thing that is worth noting about the current state of VR is the fact that content is limited, as well as the applications. Most of the products available on the market today are targeted towards gamers and mostly exclusive to high-end buyers because of its expensive price.

The most popular brands of VR headsets today is Oculus Rift

One of the most popular brands of VR headsets today is Oculus Rift, which is also what is used in Samsung Gear VR. It started from a Kick starter campaign and has now grown into what is the most popular within the product category. It has a powerful resolution and a wide array of advanced features. Another option that is equally popular is the Sony PlayStation VR, which comes with a 5.7-inch OLED display. Google Cardboard, meanwhile, is an option that is similar in terms of effects, but simpler in terms of technology. It uses a simple cardboard with integrated optics to create the VR effect.

2016 is going to be a big year for VR

Deloitte, in one of its researches, have noted that 2016 is going to be a big year for VR, predicting that it will be a billion dollar industry, with $700 million resulting from hardware sales and the remaining amount from content. By 2020, it is expected that it will be worth more than $14.6 billion. More so, in a report by Goldman Sachs, it has been reiterated that there are more than $3.25 billion in venture capital investments in the VR industry, which is reflective of the high hopes of businesses that it is indeed going to be the next big thing in entertainment.


Part 2: Challenges for VR

Powerful computers and smartphones will be required

In spite of being full of potential, however, there are also some challenges that should be addressed in order to ensure the success of VR. Among others, one of the most significant would be the need for powerful devices that would complement the headsets. Powerful computers and smartphones will be required to render the effects that are anticipated. For Oculus Rift, for instance, a powerful video card is needed for a computer, something you might not have at home, making the VR technology inapplicable.

VR design

In addition, there are also challenges when it comes to aesthetics. Today’s VR headsets look almost entirely the same – they are bulky, and they look silly. Manufacturers must find a way in order to make the design more aesthetically-pleasing.

VR headsets should be affordable

Manufacturers will also be challenged to make VR headsets more affordable so that more people will be able to purchase it. Most of the models currently available are just too expensive for average buyers.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the challenge is to find more applications. It is currently being centered on game-based applications. It has also been recently talked about because of being used for watching porn. Manufacturers are challenged to come up with creative ways in order to increase the usefulness of such a promising device.

Part 3: Conclusion

In sum, while it is undeniable that VR is big in today’s time, there is a lot of room for improvement. There are limited choices when it comes to VR products available on the market, and for many, it is still a bit expensive. Others lack knowledge on how it works, which results into hesitation. There are also some obstacles that have yet to be addressed and more opportunities to be uncovered. It would be safe to say that it is still in its infancy, but slowly, it is getting to the top.

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Benjamin Arango
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