The Top Video Stitching Software For Perfect 360 Degree View

By Jun 30,2017 10:34 am

The standard of watching videos is really taking a big leap of late. The whole experience of watching a video has changed now with the introduction of 360 degree video or VR videos or movies. One of the very crucial parts associated with this video making is video stitching. This is nothing but the process of combining various videos with the overlapping fields in order to create a panorama video in a single screen. The process is mostly performed through computer software. The process requires the exact overlaps of videos and identical exposures.

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The fact is this process is being used by many for different purposes like videography to military surveillance. But which app you should choose for your video stitching – the answer is given below. Here we will cover the top 5 video stitching app.

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1. VideoStitch

The first one in the list is Video Stitch. This is a European start-up that is offering solutions for virtual reality video production. They are committed to create 360 degree video live. It takes multiple cameras for creating high resolution panoramic video covering the 360 degree angle without any blind spot. The user-interface is very easy to understand and operate. More features are being added in the app to offer the best solution. The developers are planning to add technology that will let people produce 3600 3D videos in real-time preview.


2. Kolor Autopano Video

The company was started back in 2004 by Alexandre Jenny and Lionel Laissus. This is the first company to recognize the potential of technology in identifying the interest point of an image. And they have come up the most popular video stitching software of the present time. The intention of the company or you can say the mantra of the company for its video-stitching software is stitch and create videos 3600 automatically.

One of the features of Kolor Autopano Video is that this video stitching software let people combine videos into a single shot the covers the entire 360 degree.


3. SkyStitch

A student from National University of Singapore has designed a revolutionary prototype named after SkyStitch. This is a high-definition video surveillance system which is carried and flown by quadcopters. It captures real time video. In simple words, it stitches videos from multiple streams and create a combined feed. This is appropriate for aerial surveillance application that is in requirement of wide angle view and high resolution video.

Say for an example, at the time of a search mission or rescue mission SkyStitch can provide panoramic view of 360 degree in high resolution to help and guide the emergency professionals. The benefit of this video stitching software is so strong that it can combine 12 HD quality videos in single frame within just 50 milliseconds even at prototype stage. The market value for such systems is going to hit billions of dollars in the near future.

4. Video Stitching for the U.S. Army

Let’s take the next example of the U. S. Army. The communication electronic center of the Research, Development and Engineering Command of the U.S. Army has developed surveillance system using stitching technology. The system is called RMSA that stands for Reduced Manning Situational Awareness. It uses infrared cameras to capture 180 degree videos and then stitches videos from each camera and then create a panoramic image.

Every time the RMSA detects any movement, it creates pop ups on the monitoring screen. The operators can also zoom in the target to get a better view. The movement detection algorithm can be customized depending on the atmosphere where it is being used.

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