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360 Degree Videos: Complete User Guide

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

360 degree media has revolutionized the world of videographers within the last few years with its huge potential. Although it was too costly at earlier stage but now cost of technology has come down and now big brands prefer to utilize this video technology for the creation of immersive marketing content. Within the coming few months, you will be able to visualize plethora of such video content over internet but before that it is good to gain some useful information if these 360-degree videos so that you can also site your goals ahead with it.

What is a 360 Degree Video?

In very simple terms, 360-degree video is an advanced video recording technology that allows end-users to watch a complete 360-degree view of the location where it was recorded. The technique demands creativity from the side of the videographer where he/she can produce required content by attaching more than 6 or up to 10 cameras in different directions depending upon desired quality of videos. These cameras are adjusted with the help of a 3d printed mount so that each and every desired location can be covered within one video.

Check more details about 360-degree video

Adjusting these cameras to focus accurately over desired portions is really a tough task and you will really feel bad if any one of these get out of power during critical recording duration. It is important to ensure that all of them are fully charged and the second most important thing to note is that all cameras must be started at the same time instant so that coherence between them can be maintained. At last you have to download footage from each and every camera and process it ahead.

Advantages of 360-degree videos:

  • It is one of the most effective ways of telling stories.
  • It produced interactive video sessions for marketers and is capable enough to grab the attention from end-users.
  • You can present your idea with a variety of angular adjustments and it will make your idea much easier to understand for viewers.


  • One of the biggest problems with 360-degree video creation is very complex camera adjustments and it is really difficult to manage all angles for an individual while keeping an eye on their power level also.
  • It is a much costly affair to create 360-degree videos as compared to simple recording systems.

How to Make 360 Degree Videos?

All of you might be interested to know about the process of creating these 360-degree videos. Here are two important steps for such high-quality creation:

1. Capture:

1. How to use iPhone to capture 360 videos
2. How to use GoPro to capture 360 videos

As we discussed earlier, you need to combine multiple cameras in order to record movements from all directions at every possible angle. It is preferred to use compact cameras that have amazing image quality with much wider angle glasses. As per experts, GoPro cameras are best suited for 360-degree video creation.

2. Stitch 360 videos:

Click here to check the best software for stitching 360 videos

Stitch helps to combine all captured videos onto the same platform with a high-resolution frame appearance. There are so many software platforms available for such stitching procedures and most of these are supported by almost all camera types. You simply need to list all your project requirements and make a selection of video cameras as well as stitching tools accordingly to achieve your desired quality. The resultant video will be covering a complete 360-degree world map style format with a high-quality video projection resulting in 4k resolution. One can add different effects as per need and can balance all parameters accordingly.

Note that the quality of videos depends upon the quality of stitch so always prefer to use high-class stitching software tools for this purpose. Generally, there are two methods of doing stitching; one can either make use of pre-existing templates for this purpose so that a specified piece of footage can be generated or you can design a new template as per the need of the application. Both methods have separate pros and cons and their performance is application-dependent.

Below is a video tutorial from Spiel, which shows you how to create a 360-degree video step by step.

Application of 360 Degree Videos:

  • These videos are highly useful for marketing content generation and can be used by all bug business owners in order to grab attention from the market.
  • These types of videos are commonly used for employee feedback sessions as well as student performance evaluation sessions where we need to capture activities from all directions so that assessment will be given to the right person.
  • 360-degree videos are more useful in industrial applications where we need to monitor the complete production process.
  • It can also be used for entertainment purposes.

How to Watch 360 Degree Video?

Note: if you're watching the video on YouTube PC, you can hold the left mouse button to look around. Enjoy

Although there are number of ways to watch these videos but one of the most effective method is to view it via VR headsets. One can prefer to use Google cardboard, Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift etc. Actually these devices are capable enough to produce interactive field of vision within virtual environment. If you are thinking to use Google cardboard or Samsung gear then you have to load their application on smartphone and then attach your device to video containing device. One thing can be noted here that you need not to have a headset for viewing these videos. You will be glad to know that 360Heros allows you to take these videos on your smartphone and with the help of specially created application software one can view footage of whole video.

360 degree videos are delivered to system in form of regular video stream and then interactive video player platforms can be used to remap the content as per user’s requirement. Almost all recent smartphones are capable enough to support and play 360 degree videos via some native applications.

360 degree video creation technology is capable enough to grab the attention of viewers and its content quality beats almost all previous video generation techniques. It is one of the most preferred video creation tool for all brands because it helps them to present products and services in much better manner with more information packaged over single platform. If you are a videographer and love to try new things in life then it is best time to start working with 360 degree video technology in order to create high quality content for different applications.

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