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Things you must know before using gopro to create 360 degree videos

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There are massive transformations evidenced in the video technology over the past few decades or so. The technology, quality and other features of video have gone through significant improvements. However, the teenage boys and girls are more interested in capturing videos or snapshots of what they are doing. Simple snaps are not OK anymore and if you are looking to capture some amazing videos, you must attempt for a 360 degree video.

3 important facts to know before using GoPro to create 360 degree video

One camera can shoot 170 degree view and that is basically from the far left of yours to the far right of yours. With the help of a plug and play holder, one can add 6-7 cameras to be operated wirelessly and shoot photos and record videos. But there are certain conditions that the users need to keep in mind at the time of using GoPro cameras particularly for 360 degree videos.

1.There exists gap or space at the suture of the stitched videos

You can use more than one gopro cameras and while using 6 cameras to capture 360 video with the help of the video rigs, there would be some gap and spaces on the parts where the videos are being stitched. There are video stitching software but those cannot solve the problem. The reason being the video rigs will have some gaps and that would not be able to make a compact video. In order to avoid this, users need to select good 360 video rigs.

2.Keep safe space at the time of shooting 360 videos

You have to maintain a safe space of at least 1.5 meter between the camera and the object at the time of recording 360 video. While the distance between the object and the camera reduces, it would really be difficult to capture perfect 360 video because there will be gaps or splicing traces. So, clearly, Go Pro is not able to shoot close-up views or details. Other smart devices also have the same issues. The best available cameras can make the in-between distance 1 meter but not less than that.

3.Monitor the power supply while shooting

This could be a difficult situation to deal with while shooting a 360 video. Users need to keep on checking the power supply because on exhaustion, it would take around 10 minutes to recharge the battery because taking the GoPro from the video rig and charge the battery would take that much time. Meanwhile you may miss some exclusive moments and important scenes within this period.

Keeping these small factors into consideration will provide the best 360 video shooting experience with GoPro. The activities can be monitored through phones and tablets but this would require 6 different phones for fully monitoring. But this would only increase the expense of shooting. However, there may have some other problems like chromatic aberration at the time of shooting at night.

About 360 video and Gopro

What is 360 degree video?

360-degree video is an audiovisual simulation of an altered, augmented or substituted environment that surrounds the user, allowing them to look around them in all directions, just as they can in real life.”

In real worlds it requires numbers of cameras that can capture all the possible views around and record the surrounding environment. The first obstacle is obviously the expense that it requires while GoPro cameras offer a suitable solution by allowing 360 degree videos recording. It would take numbers of cameras to record the surrounding circumstances. Rigging the videos is possible with the help of the individuals with the same cameras and then it takes two cameras in order to create depth and other tricky editing and processing for the views.

Apart from entertainment, 360 degree videos can be used for various other purposes. In the virtual world the technology can be used in most types of training that are related to including physical environments like; pilot and driving training and surgeries and in order to explore the undersea and space as well.

GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras are the best fit for capturing 360 degree videos. The cameras offer HD quality pictures and are waterproof of course and without any surprise, these can withstand wear and tears that are very much expected with extreme sports. With the help of special camera holders and some fancy video stitching software, making the best quality high-definition 360 degree video is possible.

But there are a few constraints of making an effective 360 degree video that a user must know before making the best use of these GoPro cameras.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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