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GoPro Editing Software: 15 Best GoPro Video Editors

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you searching for GoPro editing software to make GoPro footage much better, like removing the fisheye effects, stabilizing the shaky footage or adding background music to the video? Can't you wait to share those clips with family and friends or post them on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube? 

To make things simple, we've rounded up what we think are the best GoPro video editors on the market right now, and sum up why we choose the 9 best GoPro editing software. 

In the end, there are also 6 video editing apps that you can use to edit GoPro videos on iPhone and Android phones as a bonus. 

So, whether you are looking for a GoPro Video Editing Software for Mac or Windows or mobile, you will get what you need.

Part 1: How to Choose the Right Video Editor for GoPro

What to consider before choosing the best GoPro video editor? There are 3 points you want to know.

  • Support stabilization - It is extremely important to stabilize the GoPro video if you don't want your video blurry and shakey.
  • Cutting - As a GoPro lover, you may shoot some video clips that are not necessary, so you need to trim video to make it concise and better.
  • Support multiple video format - For exporting video to editor, it is essential for a video editor to support various formats.
Level Basic Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level
Programs GoPro Studio Windows Movie Maker iMovie Wevideo Wondershare Filmora Magix Movie Edit Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Sony Catalyst Final Cut Pro
Easy to use X X X X
Video Denoise X X X X X
Audio mixer X X X X
DVD authoring X X X
Chroma Key X X
4K support X
Title & Credits Limited Limited Medium Medium Rich Rich Rich Rich Rich
Effects & Transitions Limited Limited Medium Medium Rich Rich Rich Rich Rich
Video stabilizer
Social sharing choices

From the above comparing table, we can see that the Wondershare Filmora X is an easy-to-use video editor with full of features, which is the best choice for editing GoPro action cam videos.

As you can capture 4k video footage with your GoPro, it is essential to edit your 4k video footage on a 4k monitor for some reasons. Have a glance at some best 4k monitors for video editing and choose the best one for your video editing.

Part 2: Top 9 GoPro Video Editors for Windows/Mac PC

The info below contains complete information about editing software that can work perfectly with GoPro videos. Most of the software is available for free, whereas, for a few advanced ones, you may have to make some payment.

Users can easily make a selection out of three levels of software: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced depending upon their needs and skills.

Basic Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

1. GoPro Studio for Window and Mac (Free)

gopro studio

Update: In December 2017, with the latest update of Quick for desktop, GoPro Studio is no longer available for download and there are no more updates. Know more.

This free software tool is released by GoPro itself to assist users in fast footage editing needs. There are so many impressive presets along with easy trim, merge, speed up and slow down features.

Finally you can also upload your edited videos to social media platforms directly like Vimeo, YouTube, UHD 4K etc. Those who need professional quality results with basic editing features while maintaining the video quality up to the mark are advised to use GoPro studio.

The best part is that it works perfectly on Mac and Window platform and GoPro users can access it for free. GoPro Studio also provides perfect synchronization between audio and video content.

Want to know how to use GoPro Studio to edit your GoPro footage? Check thisComplete Guide to Edit a Video with GoPro Studio >>

2. Windows Movie Maker for Windows (Free)

windows movie maker gopro video editor

Here is a simple to use and intuitive movie maker for GoPro on Windows. It is a basic editing tool that can provide outstanding results for edited videos. Now you will be able to capture impressive videos, and they can be easily shared on social media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, etc.

We recommend it as the most useful primary editing tool that assists users in sharing content over different platforms with ease. One of the shortcomings of Windows Movie Maker is that GoPro or action camera footage can't be directly imported into the program. As a result, you have to first convert the video footage into the formats supported by Movie Maker, like ASF, AVI, DVR-MS, M1V, MP2, MP2V, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, WM, WMV, etc.

Note: Even though Windows Movie Maker is not supported by Microsoft now, you will still be able to download and use it.

You can download Windows Live Movie Maker from Microsoft here.
Or download Windows Movie Maker 6.0 here.

You may also like: How to use Windows Movie Maker >>

3. iMovie for GoPro Video on Mac (Free or $15)

iMovie gopro video editor

iMovie is one of the simplest GoPro apps for Mac that leads to the ultimate video editing facility. Those who want to perform basic editing functions at home on GoPro videos are advised to arrange iMovie for their Mac systems.

There are so many easy to follow tutorials available online about how to edit videos using iMovie. The user-friendly interface with basic editing functions makes everything much easier.

You can edit the videos with 4K resolution to grab stunning results and the editing can be even continued on iPad, iPhone like devices. Users can easily select parts of big video files and merge titles or texts into them.

The picture in picture effect and advanced split-screen effect can also be accessed over the iMovie platform. However, if you are not the owner of a new Mac (which includes this software), you will have to purchase it for $15.

Intermediate Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

4. WeVideo Online Video Editor ($4.99/month)

wevideo gopro video editor

It is possible to develop outstanding videos online with the help of WeVideo. It works perfectly on all type of systems and users can take benefits from its impressive results and advanced features.

The WeVideo Android as well as Apple users can install mobile application of this software tool to avail GoPro video editing feature on the go. The free version will add a watermark and logo over your finished video, you have to make payment to purchase this software for full access.

Since it is an online solution, it may be less responsive if you don't have a good Internet connection.

5. Wondershare Filmora for GoPro Video Editing on Win and Mac - Best Choice for Most People

With this tool, you can easily edit videos while embedding text or titles into it. The music library is also a handy addition that allows users to edit their most loved audio content to video clips.

Other impressive features are stills and motion graphics that make videos more attractive and impressive. Once you have finished the recording task using Wondershare Filmora, it will allow you to share your customized video directly to social media platforms. That is to say, Wondershare Filmora is capable of serving most of your purposes.

How to use Filmora as a professional Video Editor.

Hey, today we are going to learn about the best video editing software both for windows and Mac. Yeah, you are right! It is Wondershare Filmora11.

Now the question is: Why it is best?

The answer is very simple: Filmora provides you with all the editing that professional software can do to make your video outstanding like in final cut pro which is not only very expensive but is difficult to use.

I will discuss in detail the steps to use Filmora either you are editing a YouTube video, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, you can easily edit and use its interesting features to enjoy the fun of editing. Moreover, it is so simple to use that a beginner can start his or her video creation journey very soon. At the same time, it will be so much easy for him or her.

Let us discuss in detail how to use Filmora and what its interphase looks like; Make sure to install the latest version of Wondershare Filmora.

  • Open the Filmora and it will show you a screen where you can select a portrait or landscape video.
  • You can choose the desired social media platform like Instagram, youtube, etc.
  • Click on the new project to open the Project interphase.

    new project

  • Click on the import button to import the video from the documents to edit.

    1. Auto Synchronization tool.

    Usually, when you shoot a video from a little farther apart, the voice will be very low and there will be a lot of noise hence very less sound will be recorded properly. To avoid audio issues, we try to take a cell phone in our pocket or hand and the distance of the camera does not affect the video and audio. Especially in prank videos, people have hidden cameras which is difficult to record proper audio. For this, we use a cell phone to record audio separately and video separately.

    Can you imagine how difficult it is to sync audio with video?

    Filmora has made it much easy. Filmora provides you with the Auto Synchronization feature in which you can join video and audio together.

    At last put auto synchronization on. It will automatically synchronize and adjust the audio according to the video. Let us start step by step:
  • Import the desired video and audio in Filmora.
  • Drag and drop the video in the video layer and the audio in the audio layer below the video layer.
  • Select both the audio and the video clips and click on Auto Sync tool above the timeline.

    gopro editing sync

  • It will automatically and perfectly sync the audio with the video without any mess.

    2. Stock Audio in Filmora.

    Many people use background music in their videos, especially vloggers and travel videos so it is difficult for them to find royalty-free music to avoid copyright claims. It also takes a lot of time to find stock audio or music for free. Filmora11 has the in-built feature of stock audio, let us learn how to use stock audio in our video. Let’s get started!
  • Drag the desired footage into the timeline.
  • Right-click on the clip and select the Detach audio tab. Your audio would be separated.

    gopro editing audio

  • Select the separated audio and select the Delete tab.
  • Now to add new stock audio from Filmora Library, Select Audio from the menu bar and select included.
  • You will get a number of different audio tracks, you can pick and choose one or you can write the name of desired audio and select to drag and drop it into the timeline in the audio layer.

    gopro editing audio1

    3. Stock Video or Image in Filmora. Stock footage is same important for video editing. Especially, when you make a story, stock footage and images are required. You may need to show some, building, objects, or a person working. Let us discuss how to use these stock photos and video footage to make a professional video.
  • Click on stock Media, here you will get multiple options like Giphy, pixabay, Unsplash, etc. in-built.

    gopro editing video

  • You can select any kind of image or video to use inside your video.
  • You can simply drag and drop the desired video or image into the timeline in the video layer. 4. Using Green Screen. You can make your more real and interesting by using a green screen effect.
  • Inside the Stock Media, write your desired effect with a green screen. For example, I am writing “fire green”.
  • Drag and drop the green screen into the timeline above the video layer.
  • Select the green screen effect and hit the green screen icon above the timeline.
  • On the Chroma key green screen.
  • You can adjust its settings to adjust the effect according to your video.

    gopro editing greenscreen

  • The green screen will be perfectly matched and you will get an outstanding result.

    6. Magix Movie Edit Pro for Windows ($70/lifetime)

    magix gopro video editor

    Here is a useful software program for Window user that can be accessed with all advanced features with payment of $70. The best part is that this device offers 1000 plus templates, 32 unique editing tracks and the motion tracking feature.

    Due to these robust features, Magix becomes one of the best action camera editing applications for users. Users say that Magic offers a perfect mixture of all advanced features along with an impressive user interface, and it extends support to various file formats.

    The sad thing to know about Magix is that people have reported problems with its speed, and the interface is not very beginner-friendly.

    Advanced Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

    7. Best GoPro video editor Adobe Premier Pro CC for Win and Mac ($19.99/month)

    adobe premiere pro gopro editing software

    Adobe Premiere is one of the most famous video editing software. It fulfills almost all editing needs of professionals but notes that this tool is not designed for beginners. With the payment of $19.99/ month, you will be able to gain access to all the latest editing tools so that it appears like a professional work.

    It will help users to save their time while editing videos and applying effects for customization. The software possesses a very interactive platform and assists users in fast sharing or publishing of content. And the best part is that you can use this software tool on both devices: Mac as well as Windows PC to avail the best results.

    8. Sony Catalyst Production Suite for Win and Mac ($399.95)

    Final cut pro gopro editing software

    Those who want to have freedom in video editing tasks will definitely love to work with Sony Catalyst. It is well known for creativity, efficiency, and performance. It can work for your most complex projects while delivering the best results.

    The recent update of this software is rated very high in terms of feature set. Therefore, many tutorials regarding its operations and quality have been updated over the internet. Some of the most common channels accessed by videographers via Sony Catalyst for publishing their edited videos are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

    The customer support service provided by Sony Catalyst is appreciable. The intuitive tools, along with studio perfect advanced interface, make everything suitable for action camera lovers.

    9. Final Cut Pro for Mac ($399.99)

    Sony Catalyst Production Suite

    If you are a professional or hardware video editor, then Final Cut Pro is the best option for you with a stunning user interface. It allows users to do various experiments with the video editing process so that highly customized designs can be created.

    By spending $399.99, you will definitely get the best solution for all your editing needs. It extends support to all popular file formats and can assist in easy switching between editing tools. This software also allows few third-party plugins so that your video editing process becomes much easier and simpler.

    It is possible to synchronize various files to develop industry-standard videos with rich audio-video quality.

    You may also like: How to use Final Cut Pro >>

    Part 4: Best GoPro Video Editing Apps [Bonus]

    After you have known the best GoPro video editor, there are 6 GoPro video editing apps for iPhone and Android devices to have a try. You can select one to know if you like it or not.

    1. GoPro App - It supports iPhone and Android. The latest version supports live streaming to Facebook.

    2. iMovie - It is designed by Apple. The user interface is friendly to edit GoPro video for beginners.

    3. Adobe Premiere Clip - You will like it if you want to use Premiere. Video stabilization is powerful to use.

    4. Magisto - You can use this GoPro editor to add music if you want your video is more attractive.

    5. Filmora - It supports the android version. It is developed by Wondershare. There are various filters to use in different scenes.

    6. Quik - You can add GPS function to know the speed of your video.

    Check this article to know the best mobile editing software for GoPro.


    By now, these are 15 best GoPro video editors and apps you can use on Mac or Windows or mobile devices. For those who are looking for an easy to use, yet powerful enough video editing software for action camera videos, I highly recommend you try Wondershare Filmora X. In Filmora X, you can fix the fisheye effect, stabilize the shaky video footage, change video speed and remove the background noise easily. Below is the video tutorial about how to use Filmora X to edit action cam videos. Follow the tutorial and download Filmora X to try.

    Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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