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There are so many features of GoPro Cameras that make it first choice of all action camera lovers. The lightweight design, compact size, impressive image and video quality- everything makes it a perfect camera. But most of you might be searching for some editing options to GoPro footage so that some customized videos can be developed. These edited videos can be further shared with family and friends or can be posted on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

Don't want to use desktop solutions? check this article to know best mobile editing software for GoPro.

The article below contains complete information about editing software that can work perfectly with GoPro videos. Many of these software are available for free whereas for few advanced ones you may have to make some payment. Users can easily make selection out of three levels of software: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced depending upon their need and skills.

Basic Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

1. GoPro Studio for Window and Mac – Free

This software tool is released by GoPro itself to assist users in fast footage editing needs. There are so many impressive presets along with easy trim, merge, speed up and slow down features. Finally you can also upload your edited videos to social media platforms directly like Vimeo, YouTube, UHD 4K etc. Those who need professional quality results with advanced editing features while maintaining the video quality up to the mark are advised to use GoPro studio. The best part is that it works perfectly on Mac and Window platform and GoPro users can access it for free. With this tool you can easily highlight some of your best moments in videos and the short clips can be easily shared on other platforms. GoPro Studio provides perfect synchronization between audio and video content.

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2. iMovie for Mac - Free or $15

iMovie for Mac is one of the most simplest type of software tool that leads to ultimate video editing facility. Those who want to perform basic editing functions at home on GoPro videos are advised to arrange iMovie for their Mac systems. There are so many easy to follow tutorials available online about how to edit videos using iMovie. The user friendly interface with basic editing functions makes everything much easier. You can edit here videos with 4K resolution to grab stunning results and the editing can be even continued on iPad, iPhone like devices. Users can easily select parts of big video files and merge titles or texts into them. The picture in picture effect and advanced split screen effect can be also accessed over iMovie platform.

3. Windows Movie Maker for Windows – Free

Here is a simple to use and intuitive video editing software tool for window users. It is a basic editing tool that can provide outstanding results for edited videos. Now you will be able to capture impressive videos and they can be easily shared on social media platform like YouTube and Vimeo etc. Professionals recommend it as most useful basic editing tool that assists users in sharing content over different platforms with ease.

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4. Animoto Online Video Editor: $8.34/month

It is possible to develop outstanding videos online with the help of Animoto. It works perfectly on all type of systems and users can take benefits from its impressive results and advanced features. The Animoto android as well as apple users can install mobile application of this software tool to avail GoPro video editing feature on the go. If you want to work with the free version then it will provide you limited features whereas the paid one possesses collection of all impressive qualities. The free version do not allow users to download edited files from system, you have to make payment to purchase this software for full access.

Intermediate Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

1. Wondershare Filmora for Win and Mac

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

This tool is often recommended by professionals for all action camera lovers and other videographers. The version 8.0 of Wondershare Filmora for action camera comes with two major features:

  1. The Action Cam Tool: It allows users to remove the lens eye distortion, apply Audio De-noise filter, Video Stabilizer, colour correction and advanced speed control.
  2. The Instant Cutter: Those who want to merge or trim their videos to create something really useful even without losing quality are advised to use instant clutter tool of Filmora. It is even possible to drag footage of 8GB to software timeline and edit it just within 1 minute.

The supported video file format is: H.264 codec type MTS, MOV and MP4 whereas these videos can be captured from Home HD Camcorders, Phones and Action cams.

2. Magix Movie Edit Pro for Windows - $70

Here is a useful software program for Window user that can be accessed with all advanced features with payment of $70 only. The best part is that this device offers 1000 plus templates, 32 unique editing tracks and the motion tracking feature. Due to this solid and easy to use feature set Magix becomes the best action camera editing application for users. Users say that Magic offers perfect mixture of all advanced features along with impressive user interface and it extends support to various file formats. The price range of this software is very low so it becomes best option for users. The sad thing to know about Magix is that people have reported problems with its speed and the interface appear complex to beginners. This software is in market from last 20 years and till now it has maintained its market impression with large trusted user base. It allows videographers to present new inventions with outstanding results.

Advanced Level Editing Software for GoPro Videos

1. Adobe Premier Pro for Win and Mac - $19.99/month

It is the recently launched version of Adobe to fulfil all editing needs of professionals but note that this tool is not designed for beginners. With payment of $19.99/ month you will be able to gain access to all latest editing tools so that it appears like a professional work. It will help users to save their time while editing videos and applying effects for customization. The software possesses very interactive platform and assist users in fast sharing or publishing of content. And the best part is that you can use this software tool on both devices: Mac as well as Window PC to avail best results.

2. Sony Catalyst Production Suite for Win and Mac - $399.95

Those who want to have freedom in video editing task will definitely love to work with Sony Catalyst. It is well known for creativity, efficiency and performance. It can work for your most complex projects while delivering best results. The recent update of this software is rated very high in terms of feature set and till now so many tutorials regarding its operations and quality have been updated over internet. Some of the most common channels accessed by videographers via Sony Catalyst for publishing their edited videos are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etc. The customer support service provided by Sony Catalyst is really appreciable. The intuitive tools along with studio perfect advanced interface make everything suitable for action camera lovers.

3. Final Cut Pro for Mac - $399.99

If you are a professional or hardware video editor then Final Cut Pro is best option for you with impressive user interface. It allows users to do various experiments with video editing process so that highly customized design can be created. By spending $399.99 you will definitely get the best solution for all your editing needs. It extends support to all popular file formats and can assist in easy switching between editing tools. Most of users love to experiment with the advanced editing features of FCPX but the sad part is that it does not extend support to MP4 video file format. This software also allows few third party plugins so that your video editing process becomes much easier and simpler. It is possible to synchronise various files to develop industry standard videos with rich audio-video quality.

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We know that GoPro is the leader among all action camera sellers due to its incredible features. If you want to edit videos created from GoPro units then definitely you need to make huge efforts to get right software tool for your needs. Although there are so many tools available in market but either they possess very basic features or they cause loss in quality of footage or stills after editing. If you really need software that can make everything perfect then professionals recommend to use Wondershare Filmora. With this tool you can easily customize your videos while embedding text or titles into it. The music library is also very useful addition that allows users to edit their most loved audio content to video clips. Other impressive features are stills and motion graphics that make videos more attractive and impressive. Once you have finished the recording task using Wondershare Filmora then soon it will allow you to share your customized video directly to social media platforms. In simple terms, Wondershare Filmora have all amazing features to offer you.

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Hi, Can you please tell me where the tool is to sharpen video in the latest version of filmora ?
You can go to Apple website to download the trial version. Hope it helps.
Filmora is going to release an Action Cam version very soon, it is designed for GoPro video editing with many advanced features. Please stay tuned!
Premiere Pro had some good GoPro options - but I usually just send my footage to
What is the Final Cut Pro trail version?

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