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Cheap VR Headsets from China?

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

The best VR Headset from China

1. Letv/LeEco Super Helmet 3D VR Head-Mounted Glasses

It is considered as one of the leading product coming out of the Chinese market. This company has recently released one of their astonishing product called as Super Helmet. This product is capable of holding a 5.5-inch device on its sharp liquid crystal plane. It gives a resolution of about 2560x1440 and also a horizontal view of 70 degrees. This device also offers the user to adjust the lens, which is very helpful for the people who are shortsighted.

2. DeePoon M2

DeePoon M2 provides so much in one device, that's why it is referred to as all in one device. This is not only a headphone or the PC-tethered headset, other than that it also provides services of a powerful headset and everything that a customer needs for its basic virtual reality experience. It provides most of the features but still you don't get some of the features like motion tracking you get on PC-based system. DeePoon is a Chinese VR producer company that bids a full collection of VR products, extending from VR googles that connect to phones to all-in-one VR phones with in-built motherboards as well as displays.

3. Antvr Kit

It is actually a Lenovo made VR headset, and it is one of the earlier products in the field of virtual reality. It is also one of the most recommended products present in the company. The founder of this company ANTVR is actually a fan of science fiction and his interest in this field made him invent this product. As well as, the first prototype of this product was made by the founder himself. In the year 2014, ANTVR effectively finished advertisement for the very first universal virtual reality gear, the ANTVR Kit 1, which is also called Kickstarter.

4. Ling VR

It's a fine constructed and durable viewing design with fair about all being adaptable as well as the headbands it must be appropriate for most of the smartphones and also people乫s heads and sight. While the main material of the gadget is plastic but the face stole is a lenient foam making for a more contented watching experience. Well, this is also not an HMD that will shock anybody away, but it will help to a lot of people to get satisfied with what they brought.

5. Baofeng Mojing VR 3 and 4

The two headsets appear to be a bit dissimilar right off because of the presence of head strap in the later version. The preceding kind had the typical three-point method, holding the headset by using the sides and also with a 3rd strap up and over the upper of your head. The innovative version has only a single circular container that cracks in at the top of the headset and then has a modifiable plastic doodad on the posterior part. It's showier, but it is much tougher to adjust it to remain steady on the skull.

6. 3Glasses

The lenses in the 3Glasses provide 110-degree of the Field of Vision (FOV), which is very typical these days in this technology. A couple of sliders on the lowest of the headset confirm that you are able to regulate the lenses to tie your wants, as an alternative to using an immovable system. The comprised 2K resolution display of this headset means you get coarsely 1080p per eye, which is not fairly as solid as the selling varieties of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Brief history of Chinese Virtual Reality Headset

If we talk about these new headsets, we see that almost of these kinds are same in shape and design. In adding to being more nice-looking, the modern Chinese headsets are comfortable, wide field of views, light-weight, have adjustable lenses, and in contrast to the Gear VR, the Chinese designs work with any of the latest smartphones instead of being restricted to just a single brand. The succeeding phase of development for Chinese headsets is going to be complicated and includes transforming headsets from modest dumb cases with lenses to audiences with further built-in technological advancement such as additional sensors, volume controls and back buttons, trackpads, as well as simulated interface situations and conventional application stores. Some Chinese producers have by now started working on virtual reality surroundings that permit operators to steer between dissimilar apps without taking the smartphone out of the headset, but they are presently frequently or totally in Chinese.

Comparison Between Mainstream VR Headset and Chinese Headset

Virtual Reality has revolutionized the technological world, people are going crazy about this technology and trying it at any cost. In the earlier days of the launch of VR headset, there were only a few brands with a very high cost of products. But with the passage of time, many other companies have made such products at very low costs. Today China has revolutionized the virtual reality even more by producing some of the best products on very low prices so that most people don't go for the overly priced brands because they are getting approximately the same technology at considerably low prices.

Let's mention here some of the best from both brands. Bobo VR Z3 only for $18 and on the other hand Samsun Gear VR for $99. A huge difference in their prices but a very low difference in their quality. And also VR Shinecon for just $23 and LG 360 VR for $199, and the same thing also about them, a huge difference of price but a little difference in quality. So, Chinese market does getting in this race and it is good to say that they are winning too.

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