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Top 8 Best VR Controllers to check out

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

What is VR controller?

Move controllers provide better controls in VR gaming. Virtual reality is unambiguously better with the use of motion controllers with the hands in VR gaming, that is the reason why the HTC Vive is better in tech than the Oculus Rift right now. It is actually a good thing for the PlayStation VR users, formerly, that Sony 460 VR already featured a motion control platform in their PlayStation Move. So, the use of controllers with VR headsets and other peripherals is giving this technology a new life.

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Top 8 best virtual reality controllers to check out

1. SteelSeries Stratus XL

These 3 features matter most when we talk about a VR-friendly controller, durability, battery life, and comfort. This gamepad has checked all 3 features. It is an Xbox-esque controller that seems familiar with a layout of buttons you will rapidly become use to with in spite of not looking down at it while in VR. This controller will simply endure the infrequent drop when you are startled in VR because of its rugged design of plastic, and also the use of ordinary thumb sticks meaning the odds of damage are unlikely.

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2. Beboncool Controller

It is a portable device, it is made up of plastic, and it is way inexpensive than other Bluetooth controllers that play good with the Gear VR box. Beboncool makes a lot of controllers for phones and tablets alike, however this tiny gamepad is seamless for moveable Gear VR gameplay. It has a battery timing of 12 hours of continuous gameplay, however the auto-off feature guarantees you will only be using battery while you are playing actually.

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3. MOGA Hero Power

The Moga Hero Power is the controller which is confirmed to go with the Gear VR box. Being of size lesser than the Pro Power this device can also suitable within the Gear VR’s case which carries it, and even inside the small pocket present inside the case. Just like the Pro Power this device also features a phone attached port for the people who like to play non-VR gaming. It is rated very lower than the gadgets of its family i.e at $35.99 and available online.

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4. MOGA Pro Power

The Moga Pro Power, which is actually a more modernized edition of the previous Moga Pro, works perfectly when used with the Gear VR box when it is set into the mode “B”. To attach the phone to the MOGA Pro controller you are required to download an extra app. It is being confirmed that it fits within the Gear VR’s case which carries it and also has a phone committed port for the people playing non-VR gaming. It is being priced at $79.99 and available online but it can usually be bought for $50 at Gamestop.

5. MOGA Pro

The Moga Pro is a much older and occasionally tough to find nevertheless works just as good as the newer versions of Moga controllers. There does not look to be any problem with joining the controller with the smartphone like Galaxy Note 4 and also nor does there look to be any of the Gear VR applications that do not go perfectly with the MOGO pro. Well, it might not be the finest controller in the terms of value and resilience but on the other hand, if you need a controller for sample and trying the subject purposes then Moga Pro is a fine choice.

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6. Samsung Smartphone Gamepad

This device is the certified controller for the Galaxy VR box. The device works perfectly and attaches to the Note 4 without any problems. While for non-virtual reality gaming or steering the Samsung phone Gamepad also has a phone base like the other mobile controllers’ devices. The magnitude of the controller is small enough to get fit in the Gear VR’s case but it might be too little for big hands. The main issue is the price. Priced at $80 it is one of the most luxurious controllers accessible. Although it is a very good device for Samsung VR box and Note 4.

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7. Amazon Fire TV controller

The Amazon Fire TV Controller is compatible with the Gear VR and it is now the controller we use at RiftyBusiness. At $40 it is not the inexpensive controller but works very good with all applications and is a good Bluetooth device overall. Regrettably, its deficiencies a phone base and it does not fit within the Gear case is also a bit of challenge. Amazon fire TV controller is recommended over the other controllers like this in the market.

8. IPEGA Wireless Controller

It is a very small $20 iPega Wireless Controller and is compatible well with the Gear VR box. This device has four dissimilar combination modes and works fine under the “X” mode. The gadget is small and will not feel too fine in the big hands of a person however it is portable. It can simply fit within the Gear VR’s case which carries it and also has a phone base which is compatible with 5.5 inches’ screen phone devices (which might be very small for the device like Note 4).

Name Description Compatibility Opinion Price
SteelSeries Stratus XL Very good plastic design and durable Samsung Devices Best of all $59.99
Beboncool Controller Good battery life, cheaper and durable. Gear VR Very good product to try $39.99
MOGA Hero Power Suitable device for various devices because of smaller size Samsung Gear VR Good enough even for Non-VR gamers $35.99
MOGA Pro Power Works good in different modes and best in mode “B” Samsung Gear VR It is a better version of MOGA Pro $79.99 online and $50 normally
MOGA Pro It is a much older version of controllers but better than many Samsung Gear VR, Galaxy Note 4 Good for trying out the experience of VR Cheaper than other MOGA controllers
Samsung Smartphone Gamepad Well it is the official controller for Gear VR box Samsung Gear VR, Note 4 Small in size and bad experience for big hands $80
Amazon Fire TV controller Not an inexpensive controller as compared to its specs Samsung Gear VR Does not support Phone mount $40
IPEGA Wireless Controller Works under four different combinations and the best is X Gear VR box Also, works with some 5.5 inches’ phones $20
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