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How to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality (VR) headset

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Turn your Smartphone into a VR Headset

If you are unable to afford highly priced and expensive VR headsets and you are very keen to try out this concept of virtual reality, then you must be finding out a cheaper way to do this. Well, there is no reason to worry anymore. You can easily turn your smartphone in your hand into a VR headset by just following very easy steps. In this way, you will be able to enjoy this concept by using your smartphone and a very inexpensive virtual reality box that is available in the markets in many different versions.

Now, there is nothing difficult to follow in this procedure. Although we are in the early days of virtual reality concept, but simply if you are able to download apps on your android smartphone then you are also able to get on with this simple procedure. There is a very vast list of games and videos to try out in this concept.

First of all, you should have to check the compatibility of the VR kit with your smartphone, because every kit is designed for a limited set of mobile phones. So always check for the right kit. You can always check for the right kit from the reviews on the internet. Now, the next step is to fit your phone into the slot of the VR kit. For most of the headsets, there is a simple way of placing your smartphone in the given place, but it is highly recommended to read out the instructions first to avoid any kind of damage that could happen. And then after placing your smartphone into the slot, make sure the safety of your phone before putting the kit on, obviously it will nightmare for you to pick up your phone from the floor.

After that, you have to download now some VR software to completely enjoy your new device. You can also download demos and apps which help you to understand what applications and software you have to download for the smooth running of the device. As it is a very early age of VR concept, so there are no huge choices of apps and experiences available yet. But there are so many 360-view videos that are present on the internet for experiencing this concept. It depends on what VR kit you are using because Oculus store provides you a very vast variety of apps that are advanced.

Now, the controls which are needed for the procedure depends on the VR kit you are using. Many of them just have a single NFC-enabled button. But theoretically, VR games and apps can also be linked with Bluetooth. Obviously, if you want to experience a high level of this concept and enjoy the virtual reality you can always upgrade to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. But there are also present so many options in the market which could be of your choices like the Homido or the Freefly VR. But apps and content can be hit and miss.

How to choose the right VR kit?

One of the most important steps is to select the right VR kit for your experience. There are so many present in the market for this reason. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Google Cardboard

It is considered as the most accessible VR solution on the market, it is very cheap and compatible with most of the devices present in the market. You just need to set your phone into the kit and after following some instructions you are good to go. You will be able to enjoy an immersed set of 360-videos content available for it. A fascinating thing is no matter which smartphone you are using Google Cardboard gets away with it. It is a very good material and you can also buy it from amazon and other sites.

Samsung Gear VR

If you are using a fairly recent Samsung smartphone, it is highly recommended to choose the Samsung Gear VR . It is very much sophisticated and better in quality as compared to Google Cardboard. It is very comfortable kit according to most of the reviews which fit well with your head. It is also not very expensive, selling now approximately at a rate of $100. So, if you have a good phone then you can also afford this VR.

LG 360 VR

One of the most serious rivals of the Samsung Gear VR is LG 360 VR . Although it does not get any fame as compared to the Samsung Gear VR, but still some of its features are good. It is very limited because it only works with one phone LG G5. It bears very bad reviews and not recommended at all. Even if you are an owner of LG G5, it is good to buy Google Cardboard instead of LG 360 VR.

How to choose a good VR Phone?

Obviously, you want to use the smartphone you are already having your VR experience. But it is also necessary to use the phone with better specs and quality to enjoy the virtual reality at best. If you are going to buy a smartphone for your VR experience, try to buy the latest one. Because virtual reality is a very new concept and the phones from old age may not be compatible with your VR headset. You may not be able to install virtual reality apps in such a phone. So, always go for the latest release.

Other than that, it is also advised to try to buy a phone of such a brand of your headset if possible. For example, if you are using Samsung Gear VR you must buy a latest Samsung smartphone to enjoy most of the features. Same in the case with HTC Vive. But if you have Google Cardboard then you don’t have to worry about the brand, just pick any of the latest smartphones, it will be good to go with your VR box. So, these are some instructions which can help you in enjoying the virtual reality.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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