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What Video Editor Software Program to Use for Wedding Videos

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Creating an impressive wedding video is a great way to earn from your equipment and experience. Before discussing which video editing software to use for editing your wedding videos, I would like to write a few proven tips for shooting a successful wedding video.

  • The constant updates in technology, renders most video equipment obsolete within a couple of years. One doesn't need the most high end equipments to create a compelling wedding video. All you need to have is a remote mic, a tripod, audio recorders and a good HD camera.
  • While shooting a wedding video one needs to be careful about the audio part. This is precisely why most wedding videographers prefer to have back up audio recorders. Similar to a wireless mic they are small enough to fit in the pocket.
  • Attending the wedding rehearsal can be a good idea since it would help you avert the risk of any lighting or microphone problems. It is wise to consult everything with the bride and the groom beforehand so that everything goes as planned.
  • Getting a 'B-Roll' coverage is extremely important for ensuring a professional wedding video. In order to get B-Roll footage you need to include a few exterior shots of the venue highlighting the architectural strong points like pillars, dome or stained glass.

People often wonder which video editing software to use to edit a wedding video. Whichever software you use for editing the video, you need to remember that the software is not half as important as your creativity. If the video you shot lacks originality no software can help you create an impressive wedding video. Most wedding videographers try to follow the trends in the industry and look up to movies, youtube videos and music videos for inspiration. However your personal creative touch is extremely important for the success of the video since most wedding videos we come across follows a more or less similar pattern.

Now lets get to the most important part of the video viz. editing.

Final Cut Pro X: Apple recently introduced the tenth version of Final Cut and there are good reasons why you can use this software for editing a wedding video. Firstly the magnetic timeline of this software would ensure that you do not face any audio or video syncing issues. It is extremely difficult for the editors to even make the slightest change in audio or video. Final Cut Pro X automatically bumps the video and audio to a different track so that the sync is maintained. This 'magnetic timeline' would allow you to automatically adjust the timeline as you edit and greatly enhance the efficiency. Secondly FCPX would allow you to easily import multiple video formats from HDSLR, HD cam or any other camera.

Thirdly this editing software would allow you to sync different audio sources. You no longer need to use programs like Dual Eyes or Plural eyes since FCPX would help you achieve all that without a hitch. This software would immensely speed up your audio editing enabling you to adjust the audio with just a few clicks.

Lastly the FCPX would speed up the process of editing so that you can book more jobs. By speeding up transcoding, importing, editing, adjusting, rendering, syncing etc, Apple has enabled us to edit a wedding video within a nick of time. One doesn't need to wait for rendering any more since it is built into the background. Adjusting and editing the audio wavelengths is a matter of ease with Apple FCPX.

Wondershare Filmora: When it comes to editing a wedding video nothing compares with the efficiency of Wondershare Filmora. This easy to use software can be mastered even by novices within a day. Visual effects is a very important factor when it comes to wedding videos. Wondershare Filmora which comes with more than hundred visual effect would alter your very perception of a wedding video. Now you can easily make an extraordinary wedding video with the least effort. With this software you have the option of placing more than one video in a single frame so that you can layer the videos to narrate different aspects of the same story.

The split screen effect can come real handy in a wedding video. This would enable you to visually spice up your video and allow you to display 2 or more videos simultaneously. The green screen effect would allow you to shoot the video in front of a blue or green screen so that you can merge them with other backgrounds later. The tilt shift feature would allow you to stylize your videos by converting them into fun miniature scenes. The flash and hold feature would allow you to bring motion to a still photo. This software is really easy to use which is why I would rank it as the numero uno software for editing wedding videos. It comes with the maximum built in effects like intros, outros, motion elements, transition effects, filters, resources for background music and much more. Adding text to your videos would be an extremely easy deal with the text and tile feature of this software. Moreover you can choose to add music which goes well with the mood of the video from the well stocked music library.

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Adobe Premiere: This is a professional editing software which uses a timeline so that you can add the edits and cuts in a linear sequence. Being fully manually operated you need to be well versed with all the processes of editing before using this software. If you are a professional wedding videographer you then you can make good use of this editing software.

Virtual Dub: This is an average movie editing software which comes for free. Virtual Dub comes with many interesting features like split videos, compression and addition of audio track. Even though its a free video editing software it comes with interesting features and its batch processing capabilities would allow you work with large number of files.

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