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The Vlogger's Case Study: Learn from YouTube Star Casey Neistat

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Designing your very own unique vlogging style is fun and exciting, but how do you get started?

Vlogger Case Study: Learn from YouTube Star Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a popular daily vlogger on YouTube who has over 2 million subscribers. Casey is a director and producer who first got widespread attention in 2003 when he and his brother made a viral video called iPod’s Dirty Secret about Apple’s old battery replacement policy. Besides internet videos, Casey created films and television shows such as HBO’s The Neistat Brothers.

Casey’s YouTube videos have a very distinct style. Looking at the method and style of a vlogger like Casey can help when developing your own approach. You should not aim to vlog like Casey Neistat, or anybody else, because it is you who your subscribers will be tuning in for. There is no harm in learning from a pro, though, or in aiming to be as successful as Casey.


1. Casey’s Set Up

Casey uses two different vlogging set ups; one for planned segments and one for spontaneous vlogging on the go.

For segments Casey has planned he uses a DSLR with a directional microphone mounted on top and a mid-sized tripod with bendable legs. This is a great set up for delivering dialogue from his desk or opening his mail. It allows him some mobility because it is all one piece that he can carry around his home or office.

Casey does not just like to record at home or at his office, though. He likes to vlog wherever and whenever ideas strike him or something interesting happens. Casey’s second set up is a digital camera in a case on his belt. This smaller camera goes everywhere with him.

2. What Can We Learn?

Think about whether your vlog is going to be rooted in one location or filmed out in the world. The closer you stay to one location the more equipment you can set up, and there are clear benefits to using gear like lights and tripods. Casey, however, knows that his style of vlogging requires more mobility and spontaneity than a big set up allows. He still uses more equipment when he can, though.

If you want to create a vlog where you mostly stay sitting or standing in one spot (like a beauty vlog) then there’s no reason you should not build a more complex set up. But, if you feel like you want to move around, you might choose to sacrifice some of that set up for mobility.

3. Casey’s Format

Casey starts every vlog post with a time lapse, and he always ends abruptly.

Besides being interesting to watch, the time lapses at the start of Casey’s videos fit in with the overall theme of his vlog. His theme is ‘entertaining snippets from his daily life’ and the time lapse demonstrates the passing of time. The time lapses also grab people’s attention, which is important in any intro.

The abrupt ending leaves viewers wanting more and preserves whatever feelings they have in the final scene.

4. Why Does He Do That?

The consistency in Casey’s format is a big part of what separates him from other daily vloggers. Coming up with your own unique way of starting and ending every one of your videos can do the same for you.

Having some kind of intro is important for any kind of vlog, but what yours looks like will depend on both your theme and your personality. Your outro is important too because it will determine how people feel when they leave your video. Do you want to leave off on a joke, a polite goodbye, or something else?

5. Casey’s Goal

Casey first started his vlog because it gave him an opportunity to create videos, which is something he loves to do and felt he was not doing enough. His goal is to create great content for its own sake, and for the sake of the people who enjoy it.

What is the ultimate goal of your vlog? Before you get too deep into vlogging you should figure out what it is that drives you to create your videos. Whether you are trying to teach, entertain, share your lifestyle, or just enjoy creating content your goal will have a huge effect on your vlogging style.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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