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10 Most Memorable Japanese Cat Cartoons

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
10 Most Memorable Japanese Cat Cartoons

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Japanese cartoon series has a huge fan base from all over the world. These shows fascinate the kids of age group 1-10 years. Japanese shows are always remembered because of their unique stories and lovely characters. All these shows have a unique cat character.

Cat is the most loved pet animal that is found in almost every Japanese household. Cats are cute and naughty at the same time, that’s why they are the most loved cartoon characters from all the Japanese cartoon shows.

All Japanese cartoons generally have at least one cat character, but some of them have a separate fan base due to their unique personalities and roles. We have listed the 10 most memorable Japanese cat cartoons below:


Doraemon is the most loved cartoon character from Japan. Children from all over the world are very fond of this cartoon series. Doraemon is a cute, blue robot cat from the future. He often uses his gadgets from the 22nd century to help Nobita. These gadgets are kept in his magical pocket.

The series shows that Nobita is bullied by his school friends and then Doraemon helps him to solve the problems. Some episodes even show violent acts, but the overall content is good for children. All the episodes of this wonderful Japanese cat cartoon are full of fun and teach moral values at the end.

Rating: 7.4/10

Stars: 3.8

Votes: 10,522

02Chi’s Sweet Home

This is another Japanese cartoon series that kids love very much. Chi is a small and cute cat who lost her family. A young boy named Youhie and his mother adopt her. After the adoption, Chi feels loved and likes her new family. Parents should make their young kids watch the show rather playing video games. This show is overloaded with family values and friendship.

It is a must-watch cartoon show for kids. Both Youhie and Chi share a cute and strong bond of friendship. With each passing episode, they make new friends and wonderful memories.

Rating: 7.7/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 25,419

03The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is another adventurous and magical animated series from Japan. The character of this series is Haru Yoshioka – a shy, 17-year-old high-school girl. She can talk with the cats. One day, she saves an extraordinary cat from a truck. That extraordinary cat turns out to be the Prince of the Cat Kingdom.

As a token of thanks, the cat offers her to get married to Lune – the Prince of the Cat Kingdom. Here, comes the savior Baron. He is a statue of a cat that comes to life. He saves Haru from being transformed into a cat and getting married to Lune.

Rating: 7.2/10

Stars: 4.7

Votes: 54,838


Pokémon is one of the most loved adventurous Japanese cartoon series. This series became so popular that there are Pokémon video games, card games, etc. All the characters of Pokémon are loved and have a separate fan base. This series shows a beautiful and strong bond of friendship.

The main character of this series is Ash, who wants to become the world’s best Pokémon trainer. This series shows his journey into the Pokémon battlefield along with his yellow pet – Pikachu and his friends. There are many cat-based Pokémon in this series, but out of those Meowth is the most popular. He walks and talks like a human and he is one of the characters who is known all over the world. He is a member of the Rocket Team, portraying the negative character.

Rating: 7.5/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 41,767

05Natsume’s Book of Friends

This is another adventurous series of Japanese cartoons. In this series, the main character is Takashi Natsume. He has got a special ability to see spirits inherited from his grandmother. He spends a lonely childhood because of his extraordinary ability to see the spirits and feels left out.

When his grandmother is about to die, she hands him her Book of Friends, which contains the names of all the spirits that she has seen and helped in her life. Many good spirits visit Takashi for help and bad spirits visit him for the possession of the Book of Friends.

That’s where the cat-based character Nyanko enters for helping him. Nyanko has got the special abilities to talk, fly, and has an amazing strength to scare away bad spirits. The series also shows the strong bond of friendship between Takashi and Nyanko.

Rating: 8.3/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 167,646

06The Prince of Tennis

This cartoon series revolves around the life of a young Tennis player – Ryoma Echizen. The protagonist joins a famous academy for the most talented tennis players. While his fast grasping skills, Ryoma quickly makes his position as one of the top tennis players.

He aims at winning National Middle School Tennis Championship. In his journey toward his aim, he makes new friends and learns different and complex techniques of Tennis. As the series moves forward, Ryoma realizes his passion and love for the game.

Ryoma also has a cute cat as his pet. The name of the cat is Karupin. It is a brown and white colored small creature with blue eyes. Ryoma shares a beautiful bond with Karupin.

Rating: 7.9/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 77,350

07Yokai Watch

This series is based on the mythical creatures of Japan. It excites the children with its great storytelling concept and supernatural creatures. It revolves around different Yokai haunting the city. The main character of this anime is Keita. He gets a friendship medal every time he befriends a Yokai. This friendship medal helps him to summon his friend Yokai. He can make him do anything like fighting other Yokai, helping people, etc.

Moving further, the cartoon shows the special bond of friendship between Keita and Whisper. Whisper is Keita’s cat Yokai. They both set on an adventurous journey and Whisper helps him to befriend other Yokais, who he later summons using the friendship medal and his Yokai watch to help him throughout his journey.

Rating: 6.5/10

Stars: 3.6

Votes: 11,777

08Kiki’s Delivery Service

It is a lovely Japanese cartoon series based on the fantasy world. The protagonist of this series is a trainee 13-year-old witch, who leaves the house with his black cat – Jiji. After this, she starts her delivery service business. Her first delivery becomes a complete mess when she drops the black toy cat while flying on his broomstick. She sends Jiji, who pretends to be the toy cat to a client’s house and searches for the toy to rescue Jiji.

Kiki shares a cute bond with a boy named Tombo, who largely admires her flying skills. One bad delivery reaction depresses her and she loses all her powers and ability to fly. Later, Ursula visits her and tells her that she will regain all her powers after getting a new purpose in her life.

Rating: 7.8/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 138,823

09Fairy Tail

This is an adventurous anime series from Japan. Natsu Dragneel is a Dragon Slayor wizard who teams up with 17-year-old Lucy while searching for his lost father. Lucy makes a great team with her cat-like pet Happy and other members named Grey Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marvell, and Carla.

They all start their adventurous journey in the Fairy Tale guild. The character of Happy is memorable as a cute cat with a lot of magical powers. He can talk, fly, and perform different magics. He is Lucy's best friend and appears a lot in the series.

Rating: 7.6/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 919,985

10 Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

It is a comedy Japanese cartoon series. The main character of this series is Hakase – the Professor. She is an 8-year-old girl, who made Nano. Nano is an android school girl. She finds a black cat named Sakamoto. Initially, Sakamoto was a normal cat, but later she gets the ability to speak. She gets this ability when she wears a pink scarf made by the professor.

Watching the funny gestures of Sakamoto is the real fun that the children would love.

Rating: 8.5/10

Stars: 4

Votes: 318,287

Ending Thoughts

No doubt, Japanese cartoon cats are memorable characters full of life and fun. These cats are not only loved and remembered in Japan but all over the world. Small kids are fond of Japanese cartoon shows.

Japanese cartoon series is not only fun-filled but they also teach moral and family values to the kids.

A strong bond of friendship is shown in every cartoon show from Japan. Japanese cartoons are evergreen and they will never fade away in this digital world of video games.

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