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How to Make a Beauty Video-Wondershare Filmora

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Video editors have been around for a long time, probably ever since smartphones were introduced. There is no doubt that several makeup videos were published even before the use of smartphones. But it only became comfortable with smartphones, making it comparatively more manageable for the videos to be edited.

In this time and era, the use of a beauty video is widespread. It is mainly used on different social media platforms. With the beauty industry being in trend, the use of beauty videos has dramatically increased.

It is even reported in 2019 that the beauty industry's worth was around 532 billion dollars with just the release of a few beauty videos by different celebrities. If you're trying to make a beauty video to show how good those Kylie Cosmetics or the rest ones look in real, you've strolled upon the right place.

Steps to Make A Beauty Video with Wondershare Filmora

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Wondershare Filmora is one of the few very famous beauty video makers. Its brilliant, and out-of-this-world key features, including the 4D editing support, color grading, text editor, audio mixer, and video stabilizer, have got us all covered with what we need to shoot a perfect beauty or makeup tutorial. Thus, professionals extensively use it for editing videos to add filters, transitions, and several other features used to optimize your video. Following are some steps to help you in editing.

1. Shoot Your Video in good lighting

The first step is to record a high-end beauty video with an excellent background. Make sure the lighting is good as it would intrigue the viewers to keep watching. Setting a simple background makes your video even more exciting, and it further eases the video to be edited.


2. Import Your Video

Once you've made your video, it's time for you to start editing. For that, you must import your makeup video to Wondershare Filmora. Clicking on the import media option and then choosing the video you've recorded will serve the purpose.


3. Cut or Trim as Needed

Remember all those parts where you didn't like but couldn't be bothered to stop the recording every 30 seconds? Now is your chance to cut, split or trim the part of your beauty video that you didn't like. To trim, move both timers from the start till the endpoint. Choose among the two options, i.e., Trim start to playhead or end to playhead to cut the video and keep the trimmed part that you want.


4. Color Grade Your Beauty Video

Color grading is when you adjust the tone of your makeup video to set a specific tone. If you were to make a beauty video about aesthetic makeup looks, you would probably go for a retro tone. You can try changing the color tones from the 'Color Correction option in the "tools" tab in Filmora.


5. Add Title or Texts

After adding the video to your new timeline, make sure to select the exact timeframe where you want to add your text or title. Click on the "Titles" button from the pane and then choose the option for text presets and add the text you want, and put it wherever you want on the screen.


6. Add Effects, Overlays, And Transitions

The upper tab holds all the main options, including Effects and Transitions, to further edit your beauty video. At the same time, double-clicking on the video will give you the option for video Overlay.


7. Export and Upload the Makeup Video in High Quality

Now that you're done with all the editing that your beauty video requires, you can export the video by clicking on the 'Export' option. You can see this option in the top right corner of your editing space. Make sure to export the video in high quality and upload it on the platform you want.


Tips to Shoot or Film Your Beauty Video

To make this experience more accessible, we have jotted down a few tips for you to try out while filming your beauty video.

#Professional Camera and Microphone Setup

It's a known fact that no one would be interested in a video with the bad video quality. So, to ensure your audience gets the incentive to watch your video, use a professional camera and microphone set. The key to your perfect beauty video is a set of professional gadgets.

It helps get a clear view of the products being used and makes your appearance look lively. A good microphone setup will help in the precise delivery of your speech. It is the number one and most crucial step. So, make sure not to miss out on this!


#Position Your Shooting Angles and Lighting

The position you set your camera and the position of the light hitting your face significantly affects the way you are perceived. Make sure to set it in such a position that positively highlights your face structure.

We have often seen beauty gurus have flawless skin, but that is all the work of the lighting and how they have positioned their camera that hides their imperfections in such a manner that makes their skin glow. But this is probably why most people follow beauty gurus because of their flawless skin.


#Specific Outline for Your Summary

It is better to write yourself a transcript, so you don't stray away while talking. It also helps realize what parts might be tricky for the viewers and where to take a break or show pictures. Choosing the right words in explaining something is probably the trickiest part.


#Know Your Audience

Your audience is the main reason for you to keep going. You need to know what kind of audience you will be interacting with on your specified platform. Keep the audience intrigued so they will watch your next video and give feedback as well.

Viewers are your leading promoters who often recommend videos to their friends or family. So, you need to be interactive and act according to your audience. Everyone doesn't need to agree with the kind of makeup you've put on.

Therefore, keep your audience in mind. Occasionally ask the audience for their opinion and always ask what kind of look they'd like to see next.


#Speak Loud and Clear

Many electronic gadgets have a built-in microphone, but it is recommended to buy an additional microphone to use with your camera. It will ensure the precise delivery of speech and give a high-end look to your beauty video.

The purpose won't be served if your viewers don't understand what you've said. So, keep in mind to use quality products for a quality outcome. Speaking louder will also give you confidence and make you feel motivated to give your best.


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