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Adjust Tones for Mac

When using Filmora, you can harness the power of many options to enhance its color tones. This function grants users easy access to tweak color tones by adjusting sliders or modifying the color element values. In this guide, you’ll discover the built-in presets and other color tone adjustment features:

Adjusting Color Tones in Filmora

Enabling this feature is child's play, and here's how you can employ it during editing by following these provided steps:

Step 1: Importing the Clip to the Timeline

To begin, download Wondershare Filmora, launch it, and locate the "New Project" button in the main display window. After creating a new project, import your clip into the Media Library using the "Command+ I" keyboard shortcut. Then, employ the drag-and-drop functionality to place your clip on the timeline and select it.

import media to filmora
Import media to filmora
Step 2: Accessing the Color Tab

Following the previous step, proceed to the left-side panel and access the "Color > Basic" tab. Here, you’ll find a variety of color tone adjustment elements, including "Presets", "LUT", "Color", "Light", and more.

access color settings on mac
Access color settings on mac
Step 3: Saving the Color Tones

After adjusting, preview your video to ensure the results align with your expectations. To preserve these custom edits, click the "Save as custom" button. To reset the existing settings, click the "Reset" button at the bottom.

set tones and save or reset
Set tones and save or reset