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Audio Meter for Mac

Sound levels significantly impact the audience's interest, and Filmora recognizes the importance of maintaining optimal audio quality in your content. Hence, it offers the Audio Meter feature as an independent functionality, allowing users to monitor and manage audio levels during and after editing. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to access the Audio Meter:

Enabling the Audio Meter

If you wish to display the Audio Meter while editing, this guide helps users with the knowledge to effectively utilize the Audio Meter feature in Filmora:

Step 1: Import Media and Add It to the Timeline

After installing Filmora, begin a new project and import your media using the "Command + I" shortcuts. Then, place your media onto the timeline panel, ensuring that your media contains audio.

import media to timeline
Import media to timeline
Step 2: Activate the Audio Meter

Next, select the clip and activate this function by clicking the "Audio Meter" icon on the right side of the timeline toolbar.

access audio meter feature
Access audio meter feature
Step 3: View Audio Meter Statistics

The Audio Meter will appear on the right side of the timeline panel. When you play your clip, it will provide you with audio statistics for your media.

view stats of audio
View stats of audio