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ChatGPT Plugin - AI Copywriting on Mac

Any product or service that looks into selling itself in the market looks into creating text that explains its operations. This call-to-action text is often referred to as copywriting, which has been present in the market for quite a long time. While its utility has increased, the need to optimize it has become the need of the hour. AI Copywriting has introduced itself as a go-to solution for effective copywriting in a qualitative environment.

Wondershare Filmora 12 offers its dedicated AI Copywriting tool for generating video scripts, titles, and captions with the help of ChatGPT. Find out how to use this particular feature on the latest Filmora:

Before Video Creation

Step 1: Start Wondershare Filmora on Mac and Launch AI Copywriting Tool

You have to launch Wondershare Filmora (Filmora 12.1.8 or above version) on your Mac and continue into the “Create Project” category. After opening the respective section, look for the “AI Copywriting” button on the homepage to launch the specific tool.

choose ai copywriting feature
choose the ai copywriting tool
Step 2: Provide Questions For Creating Video Script and More

Add a question in the available region to get an entire answer against it. After writing a question, click "Submit" to proceed. You can ask a maximum of 20 questions from the AI Copywriting tool daily.

Press the submit button
press the submit button
Step 3: Check Requirements For Generating Perfect Video Scripts

For those who are new to this feature and are unaware of how to generate a complete video script through this service, click the "How to ask?" button to lead to another screen. All the requirements for creating a perfect video script are displayed on the screen. After going through all the points, you can select the "Back" button to lead to the screen, where you can continue asking questions from the AI Copywriting tool.

Check the ai copywriting requirements
check the ai copywriting requirements

During Video Editing

Step 1: Start the Project and Edit The Video

After opening Wondershare Filmora on Mac, continue to select the option of “New Project” in the “Create Project” section. Follow through the editing interface and apply the required elements to create the perfect video for yourselves.

create a filmora project
create the filmora project
Step 2: Add Text and Implement AI Copywriting Feature

However, when adding text to the video, you can utilize the AI Copywriting feature offered by the platform. Although you can utilize this feature before creating a video, it can also be used during editing. After adding text to the timeline, double-click on the added text to open its customization options. Look for the "AI" icon the in the options to launch the AI copywriting function.

use the ai text feature
use the ai text feature

After Video Editing

Step 1: Proceed to Export the Final Video

After creating and editing an entire video, you can also consider utilizing the AI Copywriting feature for creating captions and other titles for the video. As you lead to export the video, click the “Export” button on the top-right screen. This will open a new window where you can define all the export settings.

hit the export button
hit the export button
Step 2: Launch AI Copywriting Feature Before Exporting

Once in the export window, select the "AI" button adjacent to the "Name" tab on the screen to open the AI Copywriting feature. As the tool opens up, use it to create proper names for your edited video by asking questions. Click “Submit” after adding a question across the window.

tap on submit button
tap on submit button
Step 3: Use AI Copywriting For Social Media Content

When you click the "Export" button for the final time, you will be prompted to a screen where the video is rendered. Here, you are provided with the option of "AI title and description for social media," which can help you create a proper title and description for social media posting. This AI Copywriting feature is quite helpful in getting hold of things that are small but take up a lot of time.

use ai copywriting for social media
use ai copywriting for social media