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Add and Customize Stickers

The Stickers is one of main important categories for you to create awesome videos. You can find this tab on top of the editing window. The Stickers tab contains a large number of stickers which you can easily overlay on your video by drag and drop action.

In this guide, let's learn how to add stickers to your videos in Fillmore and how to control that sticker.

There is built-in sticker category which is right inside the installation package of the program and downloaded stickers which you can get from Filmstock - An online footage library of Wondershare.

To add a sticker to your project

In order to overlay a sticker on your video, you can click this little plus icon at the center of the thumbnail. You can also double click on the thumbnail to preview it before adding to your project.

add and customize elements

To favorite a sticker

If you have some common use stickers, you can add your stickers to this favorite folder by hitting the star icon on the thumbnail.

add and customize elements

To customize a sticker

You can double click on the element box to have more control of the sticker. Filmora considers a sticker similar to a video clip, meaning that you can control it the same way you can do with a video clip on the timeline.

You can transform your clip, select a blending mode and adjust the opacity of the clip or apply green screen effect.

add and customize elements

If you want there are many creative ways you can do with overlay elements in Filmora, the basic steps are adding a sticker on top of the video track, adjust its size and position on preview window change, the color of the element and add a motion for it: it's all up to your creativity, to decide when and how to use it.

To remove an element from your project

There are two ways to remove a sticker from your video:

  • Select the sticker that you want to remove and hit Delete on your keyboard.
  • Right click on the sticker in the timeline and select Delete from the menu.