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Auto Reframe

Auto Reframe for Different Aspect Ratios

The Auto Reframe feature can detect a moving object in any video and automatically crop it to suit different aspect ratios instantly. What used to take hours or even a day of editing can now be done in minutes. If you often need to post your videos to different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, this feature will improve your video creation efficiency.

This guide will show you how to use this advanced feature to reframe sequences.

How to Use the Auto Reframe in Filmora for Mac?

There are two methods to apply the Auto Reframe feature in Filmora for Mac:

Method 1:

Launch Filmora on your Mac device and choose Auto Reframe.

choose auto reframe
Choose Auto Reframe

Now, drag the clip you want to crop or hit the Import button to select and import it.

import video to auto reframe
Import Video to Auto Reframe

Method 2:

Launch Filmora and select Create Project. Drag the video clip to the Media area, right-click and choose Auto Reframe from the pop-up menu. The clip will be automatically added to the Auto Reframe tool.

find auto reframe
Find Auto Reframe

After importing the clip to the tool, you can follow the steps below to auto crop it for different aspect ratios.

1 Step 1: Select the aspect ratio you need, then the reframing will start automatically.

  • There are 5 aspect ratio options: Widescreen (16:9), Instagram (1:1), Portrait (9:16), Standard (4:3), and Cinema (21:9).
5 aspect ratio options
5 Aspect Ratio Options
  • Once the reframing starts, you can see the result in the preview window. At this point, the video outside the frame will be hidden. If you want to see the whole video screen, click on the eye icon in the upper right corner.
choose the ratios
Choose the Ratios

2 Step 2: If you want to adjust the frame, click the Adjust frame toggle button on the right, then drag the crop box to adjust it. Fix the frame to fit your needs, and hit OK to apply all changes.

adjust the reframe
Adjust the Reframe

3 Step 3: You can also change the tracking subject and tracking speed by clicking on the Advanced tab under Adjust frame. Choose to track the secondary subject or adjust the tracking speed.

advanced setting for auto reframe
Advanced Setting for Auto Reframe

4 Step 4: When the adjustment and reframing are completed, hit the Export button to save your work.

If you want to edit the reframed video, keep reading the following steps.

5 Step 5: When the video is created, hit the Upload to Filmora button. The video will be automatically imported to the Media window in Filmora.

upload to filmora
Upload to Filmora

6 Step 6: You can drag the clip to the timeline for further editing. Add music, titles, effects, or transitions to enhance it.

edit the video after reframing
Edit the Video After Reframing

7 Step 7: When the editing is done, click the Export button to save and share your video.