Enhance a Video

Wondershare Filmora for Mac provides two ways to help you improve the appearance of a video or image clip by adjusting its current properties like Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation and Speed. Just want to trim/split/cut/rotate/merge video? Check this tutorial.

To manually enhance a clip

Double click the image or video clip to activate the Photo or Video Inspector on the Timeline or click the Inspector ButtonInspector Button directly. Then drag the sliders to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation or Speed of the clip. You can watch the Preview Window to see how the new settings affect the image after clicking OK.

Video Inspector

To automatically enhance a clip

You can also check the Enhance box to activate the Auto denoise and enhanceauto enhance to the selected object.

Note: Click the Reset buttonreset button to reset the original color setting of the clip.

Modify video playback speed

To change your playback speed, either drag the speed slider or enter the precise speed you want in the speed field. You can also adjust your speed by adjusting the duration of your clip in the Duration field. You can make your video up to 100x faster or 0.01x slower.

change speed

Edit image

You can add still photos to the video track of your timeline. However, if your video project has a 16:9 aspect ratio and your photos don't there will be black bars on the sides of your photos. To remove these black bars automatically, go to your Preferences and select a Photo Placement Fit (Fit, Crop to Fit, or Pan & Zoom). The Crop to Fit feature crops a photo automatically to fit the project's aspect ration, and the Pan & Zoom tool will add a Ken Burns effect. If you want to automatically remove the black bar of just one particular photo, right click on it in the video track and select Photo Placement then Crop to Fit or Pan & Zoom.

photo placement

Change image duration

Once an image is added onto the Timeline, it has default duration of 5 seconds. But you may want the image to play for a longer or shorter duration. There are two ways to change the duration of the image.

1. Directly drag the length of the image on the timeline to change the duration.

2. Double click the image to activate Photo Inspector and enter the Duration time in the box. You can click "Apply duration to all" to apply the same duration time to all the images in the project.

change duration

Apply Motion effect

Motion effect can help you turn any still photo to animated one.

  • To add this effect, double click the image on the Timeline to activate Photo Inspector and then switch to Motion tab. Here you can double click on any motion to apply it on the image.
  • To remove the added motion, right click the thumbnail on the Timeline and select "Delete Motion" from the menu.

add motion

Take a snapshot from a video clip

To take a photo snapshot of a video clip and save it as an image file, play the video file and pause the video where you want to take the snapshot. Then click the Snapshot buttontake snapshot below Preview Windows. The image snapshot will automatically be added to the Media Library and saved to your working folder.

Download the free trial version below:

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