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Add and Modify Audio

There are two ways you can use to add audio to your video: one is to import a music file from your local computer, while the other is to use the music track from Filmora Video Editor.

Import Music from Local Computer

Simply click the "Import" button to browse for audio files on your computer. When you find the target music or audio file you need, you can select it and import it to the Media Library. After that, you can drag and drop the audio into the “Audio track” in the Timeline for further editing.

Use Built-in Audio from Filmora Video Editor

Click on the "Audio" tab on the top of the menu, select any kind of audio and drag it to the soundtrack in the timeline.

add and modify audio

Need to modify the audio effect?

Double-click on the soundtrack in the timeline to open the sound editing window. You can adjust the sound speed, fade in and fade out volume, and more. As well as you can also remove background noise.

add and modify audio