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Mark Clip

Markers can be used either while you are recording or during the post-production, to help you mark the places in the footage where you've made a mistake, where the new take starts or to indicate a spot on the timeline where you would like to place a particular video clip. In this article, we are going to show you how to utilize markers while you're editing videos with Filmora.

Watching the footage you've captured over and over can be a tiresome process that consumes both time and energy, so in order to increase your efficiency during the process of capturing and editing videos, you can simply add markers both to the timeline and the files on the timeline.

mark clip

You can click the marker icon to mark any point in time.

Distinctions Between the Two Types of Markers

The media markers are the markers you can add directly to the video file. You won't be able to see these markers until the video clip is imported into the software's video editor and placed on the timeline.

You can use them to mark a place you're not too happy with, or to highlight the part of the video clip that you intend on featuring in the final cut of the video you've created with video editing software.

By doing so you'll save time on going through all the material just to find a few seconds of footage that fit perfectly to your video.

mark clip

The timeline markers, on the other hand, can only be added to a project during the post-production period. You can utilize them to highlight the parts of the video clip you want to remove from the final version of your video or to mark the spots on the timeline where you'd like to switch from one take to another.

This type of marker is immensely useful if you want to organize the timeline in your project better and to know exactly where every clip you want to use in your video is located at all times.

Besides being a highly efficient tool for organizing vast amounts of footage, timeline markers can also help you denote the beats in the audio file and then sync the video clip perfectly to the beat of the tune you're using as a soundtrack to your video.