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When it comes to importing media content into Wondershare Filmora, it supports importing content up to 4K in resolution. Multiple functions can be processed across these media files when added across the Media Library. However, it is vital to understand the various methods of importing media files into Filmora Mac.

A Media Library is provided for you to organize your media clips to easily and quickly catch assets for your projects.

How to Import Media Files

There are 3 ways to import media files to Filmora.

Way 1. From the Import Button or File Tab

To import a specific file into Filmora, click the “Import” button and select the options available on the menu. A similar menu can be accessed from the “File" tab at the top of the window.

add from import menu
From the Import Button or File Tab

Way 2. From Project Media

For importing files to Filmora Mac, you can perform the process through the “Project Media" section. You will find the option "Click here to import media," which opens the explorer window for adding the media file.

add from project media
From Project Media

Way 3. From Drag and Drop

When importing media files to Filmora, you can easily drag and drop the media files into Filmora to add them across the media panel.

add by drag and drop
From Drag and Drop