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Wondershare Filmora for Mac enables you to import video shot by any digital camera, camcorders, mobile devices, etc., in all major standard and HD video formats. Or you can directly record your video from your webcam. A Media Library is also provided for you to organize your media clips so that you can easily and quickly catch assets for your projects. Find ways to save and share your recorded or imported video files after edited here.

How to import media files:

There are 4 ways to import media files.

1 Click the “click here to import media” in the center of the Media Library to add files directly.

2Go File > Import Media, or My Media > Import and choose one of the below sources:

  • Import Media Files: Import a single media file.
  • Import Media Folder: Import a media folder containing more than one media file.
  • Import from External Device: Import media files from an external device like a USB drive, hard drive, and more.
  • Import with Instant Cutter Tool: Import trimmed/cut video from Instant Cutter Tools.

3 Click the Import on the top bar to import the media file.

4 Drag and drop to the Media Library directly.

How to import media to Filmora for Mac
Importing Media to Filmora for Mac