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AI Audio Denoise for Mac

This guide helps you remove unsatisfying background sounds with just several clicks of the mouse. When you find the audio in the video is difficult to distinguish, use AI Audio Denoise, then you don’t need to record the video again.

AI Audio Denoise is based on a well-designed algorithm aiming to cancel out unwanted noise and music effortlessly. Compared with the traditional approach, AI Audio Denoise is generative, while the traditional method is subtractive.

Apply AI Audio Denoise on Mac

Follow the steps below to denoise your audio clips.

Step 1: Select the needed to process

Launching the Filmora application, add the video and audio to the processing interface. Click the video or audio clip you want to remove noises. Then, the audio settings window will appear on the left side of the interface.

denoise window in filmora

Step 2: Set detailed adjustments

Scroll the settings window to the bottom, and then you can find the Denoise section. Choose from Normal Denoise, Hum Removal, Wind Removal, or Hiss Removal based on your needs. Click the button on the right side of each tool first to activate the function. Then, you can make precise adjustments. When you finish the modification, click OK to save the effect.

Adjust This Feature

  • Normal Denoise is a common function in correcting a whole part of the audio or some single clicks or pops. It is used to clear up the crackle and static in vinyl recording videos. You need to decide to which extent, Low, Mid, or Strong, you want to remove noise. Stronger settings detect more clicks and pops but are at the risk of degrading the audio quality.
  • Humming noise refers to the hum or hiss sound. Hum Removal gets rid of the power line hum caused by lighting and electronics, but it can also remove an overly resonant frequency. The range of the amount of reduced noise is from -60 to 0, and the default setting is -25.
  • Wind noises are always there in a video filmed outdoors. If you select to launch the Wind Removal feature, it will automatically remove all wind noises in the video, saving a lot of your valuable time.
  • The problematic hiss is one of the common unwanted noises but can be identified and avoidable by activating the Hiss Removal. You can adjust the noise volume from -100 to 0, and the Noise Level from 1 to 6.

Re-edit This Feature

Tip: If you want to remove the change, click the refresh icon on the right side of each tool to delete the specific change. To reset all changes, you can click Reset at the bottom of the window or the refresh icon on the right side of the Denoise bar.

remove denoise window in filmora