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Green Screen (Chroma Key)

You can use the Green Screen (Chroma Key) tool to make a color range in a video clip or image in a higher track on your timeline transparent, so the video clip or image underneath it can be seen in place of that color range. You can use this feature to change the background of a clip and make it look like you're a superhero flying through the sky or an explorer on top of a mountain.

Green Screen works best if you have a solid-colored background to make it transparent, preferably a color that the subjects in the video are not also wearing. The most popular choice is bright green. Here's how to use the Chroma Key/Green Screen tool in Filmora for Mac.

Remove Selected Colors with Chroma Key

Enable Chroma Key

Double click the clip in the timeline, and choose Chroma Key from AI Tools under the Video tab.

enable the chroma key in filmora for mac
How to enable Chroma Key in Filmora for Mac

Select the color you want to remove

In the Preview window, use the eyedropper tool to select a color in the image or video clip that you want to make transparent.

choose the color in filmora for mac
Select the Color you want to remove

Adjust Settings

In the video, you can change the borders, transparency, shadows, and much more by adjusting the following settings

Offset: adjusts the visibility of the backdrop
Tolerance: controls the width of the range of hues of the key color
Edge Feathering: softens the edges
Edge Thickness: adjusts the edges of the subject
Alpha Channel: turns anything keyed out appearing black and anything not keyed out appearing white.

Creative Ideas to Use Chroma Key

The Chroma key makes a color range in the clip's top layer transparent, allowing the background video clip or image to show through.

Import Green Screen templates from Media Library

In the Media Library, add your background video and green screen clip. You can also get inspired by Filmstock.

choose the color in filmora for mac
Select the Color you want to remove

Remove Green Screen with Chroma Key

Drag your media files to the timeline and put your green screen file above. Double click the green screen file and enable the Chroma Key option. The background color will be removed automatically.

remove the green screenc
Remove the Green Screen