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Green Screen (Chroma Key)

You can use the Green Screen (Chroma Key) tool to make a color range in a video clip or image in a higher track on your timeline transparent, so the video clip or image underneath it can be seen in place of that color range. You can use this feature to change the background of a clip and make it look like you're a superhero flying through the sky or an explorer on top of a mountain.

Green Screen works best if you have a solid colored background to make it transparent, preferably a color that the subjects in the video are not also wearing. The most popular choice is bright green. Here's how to use the Chroma Key/Green Screen tool in Filmora for Mac.

How to use Green Screen:

1 Import your background video and your green screen video into Filmora.

2 Drag your background video into video track one and your green screen video into video track two (located above video track one).

How to use green screen in Filmora for Mac
How to use green screen in Filmora for Mac

3 Make sure your green screen clip is sitting on top of your background clip. Double click on it to open the editing panel.

4 Scroll down to find Chroma Key under the video tab and make sure the toggle stays on.

5 Select a color to make transparent from the Select Color dropdown menu or by using the color picker tool to choose the color in the video preview.

6Use the Tolerance, Offset, Edge Thickness, and Edge Feather sliders to adjust your transparency (i.e., to change how close to your selected color something has to be included).

7 You can also check the box next to Alpha Channel to make the editing simpler for you.

How to use green screen in Filmora for Mac
Green Screen Setting in Filmora for Mac