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Compound Clips for Mac

With the latest version of Filmora, users can explore the newly added features, including the Compound Clip functionality. This feature is capable of merging two or more distinct clips into one, enabling fast editing. If you want to apply the same effects and filters to multiple shots, follow the steps below to create a compound clip:

Creating a Compound Clip

By following this step-by-step guide, users can bring consistency and fluidity to their videos through Compound Clip functionality.

Method 1: Using the Top Toolbar
Step 1: Starting a New Project

After downloading Filmora for Mac and logging into your account, navigate to the left side panel and click " Create Project". This action will open various tabs on the main screen, where you have to select the "New Project" tab.

add new project on filmora
Add new project on filmora
Step 2: Importing Clips and Placing Them in the Timeline Panel

Once you access Filmora's editing window, press the "Command + I" buttons on your keyboard and choose clips to import from your device. Once the media is imported, drag and drop the clips in the same timeline track.

import media files to timeline
Import media files to timeline
Step 3: Creating a Compound Clip

After the clips are in the timeline panel, select them and go to the top toolbar. From the available tabs, click "Tools", and a drop-down menu will show up. Select the "Create Compound Clip" option there. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to name your compound clip, where you have to click "OK" to proceed.

create compound clip from tools
Create compound clip from tools
Step 4: Saving the Compound Clip

To save your compound clip, locate it in the timeline panel and right-click on it. Afterwards, choose the "Save as Custom Compound Clip" option from the drop-down menu. This clip will be saved and can be accessed through the "Compound Clip" option in the left panel of the editing window.

save the clip as custom
Save the clip as custom
Method 2: Using the Timeline Control Menu
Step 1: Accessing the Compound Clip Functionality

Drag and drop the media into the timeline panel with your available peripherals. Select both clips in the timeline simultaneously by pressing the "Command" key from the keyboard and clicking on clips with your cursor. Right-click on it, and choose the "Create Compound Clip" option from the control panel that appears.

create compound clip from timeline
Create compound clip from timeline
Step 2: Saving the Compound Clip as Custom

Once you’ve created the compound clip and want to save it, click on the clip in the timeline. Then, select the "Save as Compound Clip Custom" option from the options panel. Further, you can find your saved files in the "Compound Clip" section at the top left panel.

view compound clip in section
View compound clip in section

Navigating Through Created Compound Clips

As the compound clip is created in Filmora Mac, you can view the combined clip in the main timeline. However, Filmora has made navigation of clips and their editing easier. To know more about how this navigation operates in Filmora, go through the simple step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Viewing the Main Timeline

After creating the compound clips in your timeline, a drop-down menu representing the different layers in the timeline appears in the timeline toolbar. Consequently, the "Main Timeline" layer shows the combined compound clip.

view main timeline layers
View main timeline layers
Step 2: Changing To Compound Clip Layer

To change this and view the single compound clip and its elements closely, you can simply change the timeline view from the drop-down to "Compound Clip" and view its details across the timeline.

view compound clip layer
View compound clip layer