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AI Text-Based Editing in Mac

Filmora has been diligently enhancing its AI capabilities, and one of its recent introductions is AI Text-Based Editing. This feature enables users to transform their videos into text through a transcription process. If you're eager to explore video editing using this feature, follow this guide:

Enable AI Text Based Editing in Mac

In this section, we will discuss various methods to start text-based editing in Filmora Mac:

Method 1: Using the Main Menu Option
Step 1: Download Filmora and Select AI Text Clipper

After downloading Filmora on your device, create a new account or log in if you already have one. In the main menu, select "AI Text Clipper" from the available tabs and import your files from your device.

accessing text clipper from main
Accessing text clipper from main
Step 2: Opt for Text-Based Editing

After selecting your files and pressing the "Enter" key, a small window will open, presenting various editing options. In this window, choose "Text-based editing", specify the desired language, and click

define editing type and settings
Define editing type and settings
Step 3: Start Editing through Text

Once the conversion is complete, you will be directed to an AI text-based editing window. Within the text box, you can erase text to remove specific words or phrases from your clip. In addition, you can activate "Silence Detection" and adjust other settings. Once you’re done editing, hover over the "Export to Timeline" button to apply the changes to your timeline.

edit audio through text and export
Edit audio through text and export
Step 4: Save the Edited Clip to Your Device

The edited video will be visible in the timeline, allowing you to make any necessary audio or video adjustments. Once you've reviewed the preview and are satisfied with the results, click the "Export" button in the top right corner. In the export window, you can make additional adjustments if required and then click "Export" to save the edited clip to your device.

export final clip
Export final clip
Method 2: Using the Top Toolbar
Step 1: Install Filmora on Mac and Create a Project

Launch and log into Filmora once you have downloaded it onto your Mac. Logging in is essential for accessing AI editing features. Among the multiple tabs on the main screen, select "New Project" to start creating.

open new project in filmora
Open new project in filmora
Step 2: Drag and Drop the Imported File to the Timeline

Within Filmora's editing window, access the "Media" tab in the custom toolbar and select "Import" to upload files from your device to Filmora. Once the files is successfully imported, use your cursor to click on a clip and then drag it onto the timeline, dropping it there for editing.

add clips to timeline
Add clips to timeline
Step 3: Access the AI Text Clipper

Next, select the clip in the timeline track, then go to the top toolbar. Click on the "Tools" tab and expand the "Audio" option from the drop-down menu. Another options panel will appear, and within it, click on "AI Text Clipper".

access text clipper from tools
Access text clipper from tools
Step 4: Transcribing the Media Clip

A small opening will appear on the screen, presenting various options. From there, select "Text-based editing", specify the desired language to transcribe, and click "OK" to start. A progress bar will show on the screen, and once it’s complete, a window will appear.

apply ai text clipping
Apply ai text clipping
Step 5: Edit Video through Text

From this newly appeared window, start editing your clips by modifying texts. In addition, you can automatically remove silent pauses from videos without any quality loss. Once the editing is complete, click the "Export to Timeline" Option.

manage text and export
Manage text and export
Step 6: Export the Video

After the video exports onto the timeline, select it and make any necessary adjustments from the Settings Panel located in the upper left side of the window. Once you've made the desired changes, click "Export" to save and export your video.

export final video clip
Export final video clip
Method 3: Utilizing the Timeline Toolbar

After creating a new project and importing media, use your cursor to drag the clip into the Media Library and drop it onto the timeline track. Among the various icons displayed on the timeline toolbar, locate and select the "AI Text Clipper" option. Then, follow the same steps as discussed previously to remove unwanted portions from the video.

access ai text clipper from toolbar
Access ai text clipper from toolbar
Method 4: Using the Timeline Options Panel

Once the media clip is imported and brought onto the timeline, select it and right-click on it. From the dropdown menu appearing in the sight, find "Smart Edit Tool" and expand it. From the options appearing further, choose "AI Text Clipper". Continue with the process and execute AI text-based editing to perfection with Filmora.

access ai tool from timeline options
Access ai tool from timeline options