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How To Add Scrolling Credits Like In a Movie

Scrolling credits at the start or end of your video can be for a number of reasons. Some people might just want to pay tribute or express meaning behind their video. Others might use credits to put a thanks note to someone who have inspired them to make it. Most people use credits to name every person who appears in their video like in the end of movies as well. There can be a number of things you might want your viewers to keep in mind and scrolling credits can help you in communicating with your audience.

Best tool for adding scrolling credits – Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is the ultimate application for video editors. You can easily add your credits to your video in just a few clicks. There is a wide range of fonts and colors for the user to pick from. It also allows users to split and trim their videos without facing any complex methods. Wondershare Filmora offers you the best experience that you can expect from a good editing app.

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There are multiple effects like slow motion, tilt and many others which can be used to enhance your videos. You do not have to use any other application while you are using Wondershare Filmora because it's an all-in-one software. You can add text to in your videos too to mention a name or other instructions too. When you are done with editing, you can easily share your video to any social media website or simply save it to your PC or Mac.

Following are the steps which can help you to add scrolling text to your videos:

Step 1 Download Wondershare Filmora to your PC or Mac.

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Step 2 Select the video you want to edit or want to add scrolling text and drag it to the program.

add scrolling credit

Step 3 Click on "END CREDITS"in the "TEXT/CREDIT" option.

Click the "END CREDITS" option and then you will see various effects for scrolling credits. Pick the one that you want to add to your video.

add rolling credit

Step 4 Customize the text

You will notice that you can add your text now. Add your details that you want in your credits and edit them by using colors and fonts. Adjust the position of text by dragging the text box in the preview window . You can also customize your text layout and style in the Advanced Text Edit window.

add rolling credit/text

Step 5 Save your video to a format you like.

You can export and save the video to mp4 or any other popular formats. Besides, you can also upload the video to your YouTube channel or Facebook and other social media platform to share it with your friends and family.

add rolling credit/text-format

And you are done. It is a simple process which lets you include scrolling credits to your videos. Wondershare Filmora is easily the best app to edit your videos in one application. You can add different effects to enhance your video and make it look wonderful. Scrolling credits like you see in the movies are now easier to add to your own videos with this application.

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Useful tools that can help you add scrolling credits into your video

VideoPad Video Editor by NHC software is an app which you can use to add credits to your video that scroll like a movie. You can type the text and use different fonts as well. There are a number of features which you can use to improve your video’s quality further. However, if you make videos on a regular basis or you are a graphic designer, VidoPad might fail to satisfy your expectations as it doesn’t offer many tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro is another application which has been used by customers on a large scale, which also allows you to add scrolling credits like movies. It has been said to be a personal favorite of many famous artists as well. However, it only rents its tools and also costs much more than any other app on the market.

Apple Final Cut Pro also caused some hype in the past about video editing. It lets users edit their text and get the scrolling effect easily. But like many other apps, it is limited in many ways which makes it hard for users to edit their video completely. Vegas application can be used to add text to your videos as well. They also provide the TV-like scrolling effects to your credits. But users have complained about flickering during their credits which makes it look unattractive to viewers. Another application which has been nearly satisfactory is Avid. There are a number of features that are provided by avid. It also allows you to add credits to your video files while editing. However, it is still not as efficient to be called the best one in the market yet.

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I purchased Filmora software it is working good am very happy with this editior - but I can't slow down the credit scrolling - it is too much speed - how can I make it slow ??
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