How to Remove Watermark from Videos

By Mar 22,2017 16:22 pm

To place your videos and images online will display your company's photographic work or products, but it may be leaving you vulnerable to misuse and photo theft. To place a watermark to your images will be able to reduce the thievery. However, this is a controversial practice within many creative professionals and photographers. To put watermark on your photos is offering some disadvantages, which you need to consider before you stamp all of your professional pictures.

remove watermark from video

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One disadvantage of having a watermark is its obvious distraction. One of the main complaints that are raised by many viewers and photographers are the distraction that a watermark is creating in the image. Some of the companies and photographers are placing large watermark in the center of the photos, in order to verify the copyright, but it will obscure the subject of images. If the watermark is large or really dark, it will become the only thing that the viewer will be able to truly focus on, which will create a negative impression. The digital watermarking will remove can remove an unsightly watermark, but may cause the whole image to become soft, which is imbedding the image or videos with the copyright information. Any kind of watermarking will be able to distract the photo itself.

Regardless of the disadvantages of having a watermark, many individuals, and businesses are still putting watermarks on their videos and images. Because of this, all you can do is remove the distractive watermark that put on it. Removing a watermark, whether it is on a photo or in video, is now very easy through the help of a special tool. All you need to do is download that great innovation, which is known to be the logo remover. Through this, you can efficiently and quickly remove subtitles, logos, and watermarks from your video file. The following is the steps on how you can remove watermark from video.

How to Remove Watermark from Videos

  1. Download the trial or full version of a logo remover. You can search in the internet for the wide variety of the logo remover that you can choose online. But you have to make sure that you choose the effective one. You can try the "Remove Logo Now" for a fast and effective result.
  2. Then, just like many other program does, install the logo remover software that you have downloaded by following the instruction that you will see as soon as you click the installer.
  3. Launch the program from the desktop icon or the Start menu. This is if you have selected to create a shortcut on either of the two during the setup. Creating a shortcut on your desktop or in the Start menu will help you to find quickly the application while you are just getting started.
  4. Use the "Add File" button so that you can select the files that you would want to input. Your logo remover too is going to delete the logo or watermark from your video automatically. It is quite amazing, as there is no hassle in removing the logo. All you need to do is click a few button and the video you put in the application will become clean in a few minutes only.
  5. Use the function, "Find Logo" if you want the tool to automatically, identify the watermark in the video file. This option is compatible with almost all types of video format. You will be able use if you have various kinds of video format without worrying convert the video to another format just to remove the watermark or logo.
  6. You can also use the manual editing tool if you are not satisfied about the results that the "Find Logo" gives. To do so, use the Marker tool, remove or add pixels, and use the rectangular marquee.
  7. There are also various options for the videos. This means that as soon as you remove the type of logo, you will save the video file in the input or you can convert it into another format. The supported video formats include the MOV, WMV, RM10, SVCD, MP2, AVI, M2V, MP4, FLV, 3GP, SWF, MKV, and DVD.
  8. You can edit the settings of video and audio streams, frame rates, and bitrates in the output file, and many more.

Removing the watermarks manually is a very difficult task and only few can and want to do it. Watermark remover tool is automatically analyzing the video stream, then will locate it and remove the static overlays, which include the subtitles, logos, and watermarks. This is due to the unique in painting algorithm that the logo and watermark remover is able to remove the objects carefully, without leaving any visible traces. Removing a watermark from videos can now be done without any difficulty and you can enjoy a watching a video without the very distractive watermark.

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