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Optimized Screen Recording for Mac

Screen recording is an important element in video creation, and with Filmora, users benefit from using it. However, the new Filmora V13 version of Wondershare Filmora includes an optimized screen recorder with added options. For an extensive overview of Wondershare Filmora's screen recorder, keep reading:

Access the Screen Recorder in Filmora Mac

There are many ways of accessing Filmora's Screen Recorder, and this section is going to discuss all of them:

Method 1: Using the Main Menu

From the options given on the main screen of Filmora, click on the "Screen Recorder" tab. The screen recorder window will appear on your screen.

select screen recorder tab
Select screen recorder tab
Method 2: Using the Top Toolbar

From the main interface of Filmora, navigate towards the "Files" tab and click it. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Record Media" option and further select the recorder you want to use.

access the files tab
Access the files tab
Method 3: Using the Search Bar Menu

In the main window of Filmora, navigate towards the search bar just below the custom toolbar and expand the "Record" option on its left. Further, select a suitable recording option from the dropdown menu.

access the recorder button
Access the recorder button

Start Screen Recording on Mac

Step 1: Set the Screen Resolution for Recording

After selecting the screen recorder option, you can specify the screen resolution from the options given under the "Square" icon. Users have three options to choose from: "Full Screen", "Custom", or "Target Window". Consequently, you can manually adjust the screen’s "Length" and "Width" values or use the ratio box displayed on the screen.

choose the screen resolution
Choose the screen resolution
Step 2: Select the Type of Recording

In Filmora, three recording options are displayed on the screen recorder window. They can use the "Microphone" to capture voice during a recording session. In addition, users can experiment with the "System Audio" or "Camera" options. The best part is they have the choice to enable or disable all three options.

select the type of recording
Select the type of recording
Step 3: Customize Settings For Recording

At the bottom left corner of the recording window, expand the "Settings" option. Users can customize additional settings according to their preferences.

expand settings option
Expand settings option
Step 4: Begin Recording by Pressing the Record Button

Press the red recorder button to initiate the screen recording with Filmora. Before starting, a countdown will appear, and if you prefer to skip it, you can press the "Start Directly" button below the countdown. The player below the screen recording provides options to "Pause", "Stop", and start "Re-record" the session if needed.

hit the start button for recording
Hit the start button for recording