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Video Editing Ruler – Mac

As the requirements to complete video editing tasks are increasing, the need for assistive video editing tools is also thriving. One such tool is video rulers, which create reference lines in video editing. Filmora recently introduced this feature, and we'll review how it is used to perfection.

How To Use Video Editing Ruler in Filmora?

The need for video rulers arises in situations when you have to manage a specific layout within the video. As this stretches to a proper time instance, you have to set up a scale to keep the position of the object intact according to the frame. For this purpose, Filmora provides a video editing ruler that aids in creating reference lines as a guiding scale. For an idea of how it is utilized to perfection, look across the steps offered:

Step 1. Set Up New Filmora Project

Successfully launch Wondershare Filmora on your Mac and continue to create a new project with the “New Project” option. As you find yourself in the editing interface, select the “Import" button to add your video file.

import video file to filmora
Set Up New Filmora Project

Step 2. Activate Video Ruler From Preview Window

Once you have imported your video file, continue to drag it across the timeline. Following this, proceed to the preview window and right-click to open a list of options. Select the “Ruler" option in the drop-down menu, or use the “Command + P” shortcut key to activate the ruler. This displays the reference lines and a scale within the preview window for precise editing.

activate ruler option
Activate Video Ruler From Preview Window

Step 3. Add New Reference Lines

To set up new reference lines, look for the "Guides” option in the same drop-down menu and open a pop-up menu after clicking “Add Guides.” There, define the “Color,” “Direction,” and initiating “Position” of the reference line.

add new reference guide line
Add New Reference Lines

Step 4. Hide and Lock Reference Lines

Furthermore, you can also define other appearance settings for the reference lines in the preview window. If you want to hide all the created reference lines, use the “Hide Guides" option. Similarly, to lock all reference lines in a single position, select the "Lock Guides" option in the drop-down menu.

hide or lock lines from
Hide and Lock Reference Lines