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Multi-Clip Editing for Mac

Multiple clip editing makes editing so easy, and Filmora also offers this. With the help of this feature, users can apply the same effects to different clips simultaneously. It will be replacing the "Batch Edit" feature of Wondershare Filmora with better functionality. Where users could only perform multi-editing in text layers, it can now be applied across text and video layers likewise. To learn more about this feature and its functionality, review the section below:

Enable Multi-Clip Editing

In case you also want to save your time and effort during editing, here is a step-by-step to how you can edit multiple clips with Filmora on a MacBook

Step 1: Initiate Filmora and Access the Editing Interface

Once you have downloaded Filmora for Mac, open the software and log in to it. From the main screen, locate the "New Project" button and tap on it to access Filmora's editing interface.

set up a new project
Set up a new project
Step 2: Import Clips and Drop Them to Timeline

Navigate towards the top toolbar of the editing window and click the "File" tab. From the dropdown menu, choose "Import Media" and upload multiple clips from your device into Filmora's Media Library. With the help of your cursor, drag and drop the clips into the timeline. You can drop them on the same or distinctive tracks.

add clips to filmora
Add clips to filmora
Step 3: Select Multiple Clips

Now, click the "Command" key from your keyboard, and while pressing it, click the clips in the timeline with the help of your mouse, one by one. In this way, multiple clips will be selected.

select clips using command key
Select clips using command key
Step 4: Start Multi-Clip Editing

Following that, right-click on your clip in the timeline, and from the options available at the dropdown menu, select any to apply to both clips. Using this method, you can activate Speech-to-Text for both videos simultaneously. In addition, you can also apply "Compound Clip", "Color Match", or "Adjust Audio" settings.

apply functions on multiple clips
Apply functions on multiple clips
Step 5: Perform Multi-Editing on Different Elements

In the case of a title layer and video clip layer, you can easily perform multi-editing in Filmora. For that, double-click on the video layer to open its settings, and proceed to hold the "Command" key on your Mac. Continue to click the title layer to navigate into the multi-layer editing settings. Change the respective parameters simultaneously and make your video editing easier.

perform multiediting on different layers
Perform multiediting on different layers
Keep in mind that the multi-clip editing feature does not support editing of some particular parameters. As of yet, the tool does not support editing of effects and other specific tools like "AI Smart Cutout", "Masking", "Stabilization", and "Motion Tracking". It also does not support keyboard presets for centering, zooming, and clip shifting.